Dinner with Teacher

Last saturday we have dinner with Annie and Teng-san at 蕨駅(warabi station). We meet up at around 7.30 and decided to eat at Jonathan’s.

Spent about 1200 Yen for the Set meat and Rice + Soup. Annie teacher and Teng-san will leave japan at sunday morning so we decided to eat last dinner together with them.


The dinner there considered  good but it was really expensive…

* Got complained by Mun Pheng that I posted too much food’s post..hehe. Will try to write out my Disneyland’s trip when I’m free. ^^

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14 Responses to Dinner with Teacher

  1. yinx92 says:

    that why la so expensive…
    haha, don’t always post on food la..
    try to post bout the place in Japan la…
    me want see Oo~

  2. kesenaitsumi89 says:

    >>try to post bout the place in Japan la…

    Wah..what lah, you think I’m here for traveling ah? haha. Need money for transport you know?

  3. mirtrx says:

    o_O Teng-sensei came back and told a whole bunch of stories to our class…Hehe.
    He said there’s a student with tattoos who doesn’t cope well with Japanese always go to Yoshinoya XD

    He left at Sunday morning? But he’s already teaching us at Saturday night…haha ^^;

  4. kesenaitsumi89 says:

    Haha.. Actually that student with tattoos go to Matsuya, Not Yoshinoya. ^^

    Hehe.. I don’t know loh…I remember he left at sunday lah, Last sunday, 12/4

  5. yinx92 says:

    hehe~juz shun bian only ma^^

  6. hui Jing says:

    u went to disneyland already?? i wanna see !!! faster post the photos!! =)

  7. kesenaitsumi89 says:

    LOL. Really want to post it up but just getting more busier recently. Maybe will need to delay it again.

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