David Copperfield’s magic trick exposed

Have you ever receiving mail which contained a series of pictures which make your card disappear? Guess most of you had been played this magic game. Today I will have the secret exposed.

Firstly, I will let you try out this magical trick yourself. Follow the pictures below step by step and you will found out that it’s really strange. ^^




Well. Hos was it? Does your card disappeared? ^^ I found out my card disappear too. Most of the people will also wonder..Why? Why does the card disappear? Then they might try out a second card…But what is strange is that The second try also same… the second card also disappeared….

Wow…how come just through pictures, this David Copperfield is SOOO great at magic?? ^^” well….let see what is the tricks:


See the above pictures? The card at upside is the from the 1st picture. and the card located at the bottom part is from the 4th picture. And now I’m sure you know why your chosen card will keep disappear? ^^

Because at the end, ALL THE CARD GOT REPLACED.

None of the card from the 1st pictures is still exist in the 4th picture. ^^ and you still wonder how come you didn’t noticed it at first? The reason is simple. Human always focus on things which are theirs. They won’t even think about other cards. Once they decided that they want a “K”, they keep on following the lead until their “K” is disappear… But then if you also keep your eyes on other cards on the same time, you will noticed the trick easily.

This magic trick actually give me some inspiration in lives that there are many ways to look at a matter. If you just look at it at your own way, you might lost track of what is really going on. ^^

Good luck everyone~~

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