Choco Coronet in Japan

Yesterday when I go to Honkomagome’s Shopping Street, I found a bakery which sell The Famous Choco Coronet by Lucky Star. It is a Street which are just beside Honkomagome’s Station. So if you happened to pass by, you can have a look around it.


The street itself.

Around the street

A pictures of the street itself. Still have some shop haven’t open up since it’s still early.


And here you are, the Choco Coronet.

Back in few years ago since I started watching Lucky Star, I keep wondering is that choco coronet really tasted that good? And so during my trip to Capital(Kuala Lumpur), I bought one and found out that it’s not really as expected…

But now I have reached the land of the rising sun. Still haven’t try their choco coronet yet. That day I have my stomach full so can’t eat it anymore…. Will try it next time.


Konata can’t eat the real-sized Choco coronet…

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