Chinese New Year Gathering at Queensbay Mall 2009

The 1st and the 2nd day of Chinese New Year all going though like every year before, just going visit relatives and get Ang Pau and do some gambling at their house. So the 3rd day of CNY is free. I start to call and invite people to go to the gathering for movie in Queensbay Mall when I’m still in my Grandmother’s house. The progress continue on until I back at home and start contact using Windows Live Messenger and Great News, 4 more people agree to go for the movie.

The Queensbay Mall decoration. Full of Chinese new year atmosphere.

We meet up at Queensbay Mall at 12.30. Before it Mun Pheng and me go buy the ticket from the cinema counter. We bought 7 tickets for Inkheart(For those who don’t know how to pronounce it, It read as In- Kheart, Not Ink-Heart.). It cost RM 42. Wow, surprised, so cheap even at chinese new year periods? haha. After asking Mun Pheng, she say that today is Wednesday so the ticket price is special price, which is RM6 each.

Another view from Queensbay Mall.

Yong Yee and Ching Yee(correct me if wrong) appear around the cinema around 12.45, then we go shopping , hunting for Yee’s Jacket. Luckily she managed to bought one on that day. Afterward, Hin and Kuan appear arround 1.30 and then we all go for lunch together. Cheetion also come to meet up with us and we talked about lots of things there.

Yong Yee and Yan Nee. Yee after Make up very beautifull ~~ Eyes also more sharp not like sleepy Yee Yee anymore ^.^

After the Lunch, we go straight for the Movie since it’s already 2.32 P.M.  We Watch the new movie named Inkheart. It’s related to somewhat Fairy Tales and the Main character have the ability to turn books he read into real live things. The story is good, and the movie itself have lots of Humor parts. It’s definitely a good movie to watch with friends or family~

After the movie, it’s already 4.30, we all go for toilet and then walk around. At the same time, I decided to take some photos to be memory since I’m going to japan soon. Haha. So we go to the mall center and use the back drop to be our background. ^.^ Asked some stranger to take photos for us though..

From the Left: Mun Pheng, Ching Yee, Yan Nee, Yong Yee, Sook Kuan, Chun Hin and me. * For those who want the original picture please contact me personally.

After it, we go buy Mc Donald’s Sundae corn to eat. ^.^ I liked Ice Creams, then we start the journey to Yee’s house. Yee house’s is very comfortable. Too comfortable and nice until I forgot to take some photos( I Lied…I’m contacting my Japanese class friend for tomorrow’s gathering at that time…). We play swings and chat about our current carreer there although not much. Then we also get Ang Pao from Uncle.^.^ Thank you uncle~~

Then Yong Yee start to chase us back liao..haha. So Mun Pheng send Ching Yee and me back home while Hin and Kuan send Yan Nee back home. Then I stay at Mun Pheng house watch some Youtube video where she downloaded from the net.(piracy…). Then we go for our Dinner since Hin and Kun can’t eat them with us. After wasting sometimes, then we start our next trip to Cheetion’s house for gambling…..(call 999)…

Reached cheetion’s house around 8.40, after some short chat then we(Mun Pheng, Cheetion, Sook Kuan, Chun Hin and Me.) happen to be start gambling liao… Start from Chor Dai Dee, cheetion teach both the girls to play since they don’t know much about Gambling(Cheetion, you really a Harmonica coach?….). After that then we played some [21 Diam](21 points). The final outcome is that I happen to be winning lots….SWT. This is my first time winning so many round in gambling…Ha. Think I must be lucky.

Gambling Gambling Tak Lee (Sylling/ coin)…

After the gambling, the clock ticked and it’s almost 12.00 P.M. Cinderalla can’t be late for home, she can’t go back home late than 12 PM or she will be in deep danger(our Kun Kun girl~~). After receiving call from her….err… Mum? then we play the last few round and then all of us start heading back home.~

It’s really a great gathering today and the movie is good too~ I’m happy that everyone enjoyed today and Wish all of them a Good fortune year in this 2009.

Kesenaitsumi Sign off~~

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