Cup Noodles Museum, Yokohama

I visited to the Cup Noodles Museum at Yokohama yesterday. Cup Noodles was invented at 1971 by Japan, 13 years after the invention of the first instant noodles in Japan by Momofuku Andou.

Cup Noodles Museum 1

Me Talking a photo with the Big sized Cup Noodles

The Cup Noodles Museum is located at [2-3-4 Shinko, Naka-ku, Yokohama 231-0001 Japan] and it is just about 8 minutes walk from Minatomirai Station/ Bashamichi Station.
Google Map: here.

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Harmonica camp in Japan 2

Today is the second day for the harmonica camp in Japan. This is just a brief update from me before I going to sleep. Will probably write a longer post about the 3 day camp.^^
finally I remembered to take a photos with Mr. Zhang ah kow. This time is a group photo shot. From left is (Mr. Zhang’s) translator, saito jugo(japan’s top tremolo player and composer+ arrangement. Our Mr. Zhang and me.^^

The second photo is Mr. Sanada dancing with some woman. He is the one wuan xin, Khooi Khim them met at Genting one. The very gentle uncle from Japan.^^

Well then, got to sleep so I will stop here.

Harmonica camp in japan 1

Today is my first day in harmonica camp in Saitama, Japan. I’m now live blogging from the concert hall, which I will be listening to our famous tremolo harmonica player from Malaysia, Zhang Ah Kow!

I will update this post once the seminar from Mr. Zhang is finished.

Here is the poster for you all first.^^

Here is two more photos update for Mr. Zhang.^^ I forgot to take a two-shot with him so no photos of me yet.
Tonight I became his translator for 10 minutes~ helped him communicate with some Japanese.^^
Translation is fun^^ very happy when other people come to understand each others through you.
Well then, gonna sleep~ tomorrow still have long way to go.^^

Trip to Rinkan Gakkou(Included Mt. Fuji) Part 1

It had been a month ago during my trip to Mt. Fuji, But I insisted on posting this post up here even though it is late.

The Trip included visit to Mt. Fuji’s 5th floor? (Not sure how should I called it 五合目), Visit Oshino hakkai (忍野八海), Visit Shiroito Waterfall…. And here you are(intensive Photos viewing and caption reading section below.):

Half way

Half way on our trip to Mt Fuji. This is somewhere at the rest station.


This is what we have as our Lunch at Mt. Fuji. Not really tasty from my opinion.

View from Window

The view from the windows from our lunch eating place.

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