How to keep up with blogs’ updates

As more and  more people start owning a blog now, it’s getting hard to keep viewing everyone’s blog everyday to see either they have updated their blog or not. And so, here comes the FEEDS Function.

This Post is a guide to help you keep up with your friends’ blogs. As there are many ways to receive Feeds, here I’m using Firefox’s plugin as an example.

Step 1:  You need Firefox. If you already have it on your computer, skip to step 3.

Step 2: Install it if you didn’t have it on your computer. Just download it from the Official site and following simple step to install it.


Download it and install it.

Step 3: Launch Firefox from your computer. From firefox, open this page : .

Step 4: Click on the “Add to Firefox” Button. A new windows will be launch and asking for your permission to install it. Click on “install” button.

add to firefox

Click on the button.

Step 5: After that Restart your firefox.

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Razing Storm by Namco

This time I take the video of the Arcade Machine called “Razing Storm”. You might have waiting for Time Crisis 5 to be produced after finished up Time Crisis 4, but Namco had produced this another game called Razing Storm which similar to Time Crisis.

The game also played using gun and Leg Pedal which toggle between engage and shield. The different is that the manual gun is a 60 Bullet Heavy Machine gun and you might have Rocket Launcher when battle-ing with bosses. The bosses are all huge robot and really have thick skin. So it’s more realistic than Time Crisis which the Bosses are human which cannot be killed with over 2000 hit using Machine gun…. =.=”

Well then, here is the Video:

This guy is not really pro at this machine. But neither do I. I tried using 1 credit and can’t even reach the Boss battle stage yet….

Note to Chin Hsien: LOL….Wish I can play it together with you.. haha.

WordPress Stat Failure

Since 3 weeks ago, the WordPress Stat had gone whacky and I can’t keep in touch with how much people view my blog… I’m getting irritated….


See the Above picture? It show that nobody has been accesssing my blog for few weeks…. I don’t know what is the problem but hopes someone can help me to fix this problem.

I’m hosting my site on my own computer with WampServer and No-IP helps. Any suggestion?

東方星蓮船 Trial Out!

As in today at 博麗神社例大祭, Japan, Team Shanghai Alice Team had released the 12th project of 東方(Touhou) Project with the title : “Undefined Fantastic Object”.

The tittle screen this time.^.^

I got the news quite late. After the new RSS Feed from Tokyotosho pop up and I happened to check on it, I found out this 同人ゲーム(Doujin Game) with the tittle Touhou and get interested. Then I downloaded it using BT. While waiting, I checked up the Team Shanghai Alice website and found out that the 博麗神社例大祭 is on today, 8th March.

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Blog Moved

I have hosted this Blog on my home’s dekstop since last year using Apache server. This blog then has been changed hosting server to WampServer 2.0. Wamp 2.0 is far more easier than using only Apache last time and it’s less resource-eating program.

And then I had started to using my sister’s laptop for all my work like sufting, watching anime, playing game, download files, health care, ETC… And at last, I finally decided to moved my blog from my Dekstop to my Laptop. It had always been a burden for me to walk out of my room to the computer desk just to write post, customize links, check on my blog stats or even to read my own blog….

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Iphone For Every New Handphone User through Softbank

The Japan’s Mobile corporation named Softbank had just launched a Campaign today named [iphone for everybody] that offered the 8GB Iphone for user who sign up the 2 years contract through their Corporation.

Throughout their campaign, the Iphone 8GB model which originally cost about 6万9120円(or RM 2587) will be reduced to 0円(so to be called Free in Malaysia). And the 16 GB model is also available for the price 1万1520円(around RM 431) away from the original price of 8万640円(around RM 3018).

You got an Ipod too together with the phone. LOL. Save up the money for Mp3 players.

The 8GB model will be for free during their promotion campaign but you still need to pay 2324円(around RM 86) per month for the talktime.

The promotion period start from 27 February 2009 until 31 May 2009. So for the Study aboard student to Japan during April Period, If you want to save up the money for your phone but still want an Iphone, This is your chance. Below is the shorted list of Iphone’s Features:

  1. Online with 3G speed
  2. Multi-touch control
  3. GPS
  4. Accelerometer(mean if you turn your Iphone 90 degree, the screen will also change to the direction for better videos/photos viewing.)
  5. Light control sensor to adjust your screen’s brightness
  6. Iphone’s Keyboard(The iPhone keyboard’s intelligent design allows you to switch between 21 international layouts with a single tap. iPhone also features sophisticated character recognition software that lets you draw a Chinese character with your finger and tap to choose the matching result.) Not to speak about Japanese language if you get it from Japan.

for more detailed features of Iphone, visit the official site.

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Happy Chinese New Year 2009!

It had been long and finally it’s new year again. Kesenaitsumi wish all of you having a great Chinese New Year in this 2009.

Being a Chinese I’m definitely can understand the joyment of Chinese new year this year too like every year. A Chinese New Year mean a Whole New Year for all those chinese and it’s the best fortune days for us chinese. Eveyone is having a holidays now and are relaxing at home, or visiting relatives’ house to get Ang Pao, or Going out hanging with friends. Everyone is having a good times ^.^

As a new year, I was thinking of putting up somethings news on this blog. And yes, as you can see, It’s a failure this time. I tried to put up this blog again in the net but, due to some accident, the whole database had gone and I have no ways to recover it. That mean all the post I have wrote previously are all gone without a trace. ^.^” Guess it mean a new start over too..(ahaha)

Well, as now is the First day of 2009 year of Chinese, I have come out few objectives of the year, I don’t know either I can really reach them or not, but I’ll definitely try my best for it. Here are my objectives this year:

  1. Going over study at Japan
  2. Done great in my Japanese language and keep being 1st place at my class
  3. Finish 3 solo songs of harmonica
  4. Get good grade in other than Japanese subjects
  5. Get a good part-time job at Japan
  6. Meet friend of mine which in Japan(Yuxx-san)
  7. Go to Comiket
  8. Buy a new Laptop

I think that’s all for my objectives this year. ^.^ The last objectives seem really hard since I have to earn my own study expenses at the same time so I don’t really know can collect that much money in the same time or not.

Lastly, Wish everyone having a good fortune and healthy body in this year too. ^.^