A Postcard to High School Principle Chung Ling Butterworth

At today’s Beginner Seminar class, every one of us had been asked to write a postcard to send back to teacher/principle of our own High School. The teacher asked us to choose teacher which had taken good care of you. I personally can’t think of one(sorry…) and so chosen my principle.

Hope I didn’t get the address wrong(or rather I did hope it wrong and never reached him ^^ LOL)

Thinking back of my high school life, it was really fun everyday although there aren’t any Sailor Uniform with short skirts to looked at everyday. Maybe because of I’m older than my current University’s friends, I often think their way of thinking and action are kinda childish sometimes. They doesn’t even speak proper Japanese sometimes which annoyed me the most… I did rather talk with some working men/woman since they will speak more politely and using nice Japanese language.

The contents…. Sorry if there is any mistakes in my English.

These photos are from the new iPhone 4. Guess this is the first time I’m using photos from the iPhone 4 seeing it had already been 2 weeks since I got it in my hand. Just noticed that the iPhone 4 can really take photos in 2592 x 1936 resolution. And the quality is also superb and really detailed.

Example photos from iPhone 4’s 5.0 MegaPixel Camera. Click on it to look at the actual sizes of the photos.

Japan Scenes 1 A train so empty

Few weeks ago when I’m departing to the Harmonica Camp at Saitama, I went through some area where there is very few people.

This is the first time I’m in a train so empty which seemed that the whole carnage is mine. ^^

This is during 1.30 p.m. Should be the time where everyone start going out but it’s very empty here.

If this is Malaysia, I would sleep on the seat now. LOL.

Planned to start this “Japan Scene” series to show you all scenes from all over Japan. For that I’ll be staying at Japan for University for the coming 4 years or more I’m sure I can blog more on this Category. ^^

Fibre Optic Connection in Japan

Today the NTT people just came and help me set up the Fibre Optic Connection. My provider is from @TCOM and here is just a post to show you my router and my current internet speed.

This is my Router from NTT.

And here are my result from Speedtest.net.

Really happy with it now. ^^ Time for some download. ^^

Motorbikes in Japan

Most of you must know that Japan got lots of manufacture producing Motorbikes. The famous motorbikes manufacture included Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, Kawasaki…etc

When I still in Malaysia, I used to drive the Honda EX5 which is quite big. Now then I had reached Japan, I found out an interesting Fact. I didn’t found any EX5 motorbikes here but instead, We see Lots of Mini-scooter all around the town.

Mini-scooter where you see all around the town~

This kind of Mini-scooter is really famous in Malaysia for females as it’s Mini, Light weighed and you can drive it even you are wearing skirt~

By the way, it’s still another kind of Motorbikes exist in Japan, which is the Hardcore Terminator/Kamen Rider type of HUGE Motorbikes~

The Suzuki HUGE Bike~

In Japan, it’s either Super-Mini sized Bike or Over-Sized Bike… Which do you prefer? ^^ I still prefer the medium sized bike like my EX5. Not really so hardcore into Bikes ^^”

iPhone Domino’s Application

Yes, The Domino Pizza is on your iPhone now. ^^

According to the website from the Domino.jp, you can now download application for your iPhone through App Store now. Then you can order your Domino pizza even at the street. With iPhone’s GPS support, they can send it to your current location.

Nothing much to say, just watch the instruction Video ^^ :

Not really going to try it since Pizza is expensive in Japan. Might consider ordering it if getting too hungry and almost faint on the street… ^^”

【まころん】Makoron Dance 2 – Ren Ai Circulation from Bakemonogatari

Hi. It had been long since Makoron last updated her dance video at Nico Nico Video. Yesterday, 14th February 2010, Makoron had uploaded a new video on Nico Nico Video site with the dance of Ren Ai Circulation.

It’s a song from the famous anime Bakemonogatari now in Japan. The dance this time is more cute and think the style of dancing had changed than Makoron’s usual style. もっと激しいダンスの方が向いてるですよね~

Well then, without much talking, Let’s Enjoy Makoron’s dance: Ren Ai Circulation

Autumn’s Asukayama Park (秋の飛鳥山公園)

Autumn Mode~~

Few days ago(which is 1 day before the JLPT 1 Test day), I suddenly feel the urge to cycling to park and walk around there. So I had decided to go to the park last time I go with my friend when we first arrived in Japan.

Still can see some Kouyou here ^^.

Last time when I go to this Asukayama park, it was spring there. We can still see lots of trees and flower but this time, it’s totally in Autumn Mode and you can see most of the tree already out of leafs.

I think some of you might still remember this clock tower ^^.

It looked like this before ^^ :

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Accepted to Tokai University(東海大学合格)

After few month of practicing interview with teacher, study Japanese, keep english at top notch level and Science subject, today I finally received the Letter of Acceptance to Tokai University which is my first choice of University in Japan.

The letter of acceptance to Tokai University.

When my teacher first recommended this University for me. I declined him and said that the fees is too expensive there. But after I go back home and searched more about it. I fallen in love with it. That University has huge campus and nice view. Not just that but also with tennis court, swimming pool, Gymnasium, rugby court, Music room and etc.

The campus.

Well, I personally liked this University since the feeling is great. And I already have 2 Senpai inside this University already. Although the entrance fees and study fees is kinda expensive. it’s about 1700 K Yen a year….

I kinda looking forward to the life in the University and for now I will have to do more Arubaito to cover my living expenses and my move to around the University.

Anyway, Thanks all those who had supported me so far and my parent to support my expenses so far… I will work hard to get the scholarship from the University and then will help to return the money bits by bits.

Hiking at Takao-San (高尾山)

Last saturday, I followed my Japanese Language School, which is ABK to the hiking trip to Takao-San (高尾山). This trip is well known by Japanese and almost all Japanese went there for hiking when it’s their holiday during primary school.^^

From what I saw from the Weather Broadcast, it will be really sunny that day and so I asked one of my classmate to go together with me, which He become the main Cameraman for that day’s Hiking. ^^

My cameraman that day. He got a Awesome Camera… Hope to own one too…

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