University 1st year spring semester ended

My University (Tokai University) had ended the spring semester. I’m now on Holiday mood and had been to Firework Festival, All cleared Star Craft II, and had met up old friends at Tokyo already.

After 4 months of study in my University, I’m can’t say that I’m totally get used to it yet but I already had the ideas of how my University do things. Result this semester is not really as I wished it to be. Gonna work hard at the next semester.

I didn’t planned well in financial for the past half-year… Been using money at place where I shouldn’t and got myself into trouble few times. Hadn’t been living well with fixed time to sleep and fixed time to wake up.

I can conclude my 1st semester in my University is kinda bad and was deeply regret it. From now on I will be better me and try to archive what I really want to.


Japan Scenes 1 A train so empty

Few weeks ago when I’m departing to the Harmonica Camp at Saitama, I went through some area where there is very few people.

This is the first time I’m in a train so empty which seemed that the whole carnage is mine. ^^

This is during 1.30 p.m. Should be the time where everyone start going out but it’s very empty here.

If this is Malaysia, I would sleep on the seat now. LOL.

Planned to start this “Japan Scene” series to show you all scenes from all over Japan. For that I’ll be staying at Japan for University for the coming 4 years or more I’m sure I can blog more on this Category. ^^

Tokyo CGM Night 8

Last friday I had went to the famous Japan Pop Cultures blogger, a.k.a Danny Choo event named “CGM Night”. This is the 8th time of the CGM Night and I had joined 3 before. You can check out of my previous entry of the CGM Night here:

  1. Tokyo CGM Night 7
  2. Tokyo CGM Night 6
  3. Tokyo CGM Night 5

All the people that night. It’s really hard to fit all people in this small hall.

As usual the CGM Night is a gathering of famous blogger’s which have great interest in Japan’s pop cultures(anime, games, figures, dollfie…). The word CGM stand for “Consumer Generated Media”, which meant media(blog posts, news, feeds, tweets..) which wrote by consumer itself. You will need to be an active blogger and own a Twitter account to join the CGM Night.

As usual, the night started by introduction speech(very short and funny) from Danny Choo himself. A simple introduction of tonight’s guest and rules and then have fun!

This is the only photo of Danny which I took clearly that night… Sorry Danny ^^”

Mr Sugiyama from Digital Hollywood Studio. Thanks for the venue that night. He looked really fit in with all the cosplayers.

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Target until year end 2010

Half year had passed by for 2010 and I had lived a good life learning things I like and watching tons of anime. But the time to change had come.

I had always read about “comfort zone” at Danny Choo’s site and I realized that I had been in my own “comfort zone” for some time already. I had got myself a scholarship which can support my daily expenses in Japan, entered University Tokai and studying IT which is my favourite study. I had bought an Electric Keyboard, a new Suzuki Sirius 14 holes and Audio Interface for music recording. You see, I had been getting my wanted list fulfilled for the past half-year.

Starting from today, I will try to get myself out of my “comfort zone” and start-up a new life myself. And so on I would like to list out my Target of the year(half-year?) my To do list and my To Get list:

Target of the Year: To live a better life with extra scholarship and have no worry for money.

To do list:

  1. Get into Top 10 in my department in my University
  2. Get the Special school fees discount from my University.
  3. Find a part-time job and earn up a saving.
  4. Uploading more pieces of music to YouTube and Nico Video site.
  5. Learning from Harmonica World Champion, Mr. Yasuo Watani once per month.

To get lists:

  1. iPhone 4
  2. Mac Book pro 15 inch with i5 processor

iPhone 4 anyone?

This post might be a bit boring for my readers but I hopes you all can get some inspiration from it. Do you think you are living in your “comfort zone” now? What do you wanna archive in the future?

First outdoor activities with Japanese.

Today is my first time going out with my Japanese friends from my current University, Tokai University. Heard about their planning few days ago when I having lunch together with them at Canteen.

Since today is public holiday, they planned to go out to 町田 (Machida, quite a town compared to my current place) for some fun. Depart at 10.00 and reached there around 10.40. Seemed that I’m the 2nd reaching there. Was suppose to gather at 11.00 a.m. Then we head out to the Bowling center named “Round One”

The floor navigation guide at the Bowling Center.

This is my first outing with Japanese friends, and also my first bowling experience. Never played this Money-consuming sports before back in Malaysia.

The photos of my friends playing Mario Kart 2 while waiting for register.

At there! One interest machine I found out is the Shoes-lending machine. Most of you might know that you need to change into bowling shoes when playing it. Again Japan had surprised me. They have the shoes-lending machine.

Just push the green button and Shoes will drop out. My size is 27.0 cm.

Ok, Skip over the shoes things. The bowling field in Japan is smaller than what you see in Malaysia. I still remember in Pacific (or what you called Megamall Penang), the bowling field have around 40+ bowling track. In this Round One center, I only saw around 10 bowling tracks. But it have few floors of bowling fields. I think that summed up to be around 40+ too ^^

A peek at the bowling field.

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Suzuki Sirius Get!!

Hehe. Just from what you saw in my MSN status few days ago, I finally got myself my dream harmonica, Suzuki Sirius 14 holes. ^^

Just as some of you had already know, I had said that I will definitely buy this harmonica when I’m getting some extra money. At last friday, I finally got my scholarship money banked in for me. ^^ Can’t tell you how much due to personal reason.

Bought at Taniguchi Musical Instrument shop.

I had write a post about Suzuki’s new Sirius and Gregorie Maret last time here and I did mentioned that I liked the new Sirius very much. The reason is simple, It have silver plated mouthpiece, responsive and the tone of the harmonica is really great.

Taking it out from the box.

The hard cover of the box is really beautiful too. And the shop had asked me to write the Ownership slip by Suzuki, which proved that you had owned this harmonica. ^^ And they will contact you whenever Suzuki got new workshop or some gathering. Maybe I will meet up with Ootaka-san which came to Malaysia few years ago. Hehe.

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Fibre Optic Connection in Japan

Today the NTT people just came and help me set up the Fibre Optic Connection. My provider is from @TCOM and here is just a post to show you my router and my current internet speed.

This is my Router from NTT.

And here are my result from

Really happy with it now. ^^ Time for some download. ^^

Freeline Skate Introduction

Today I would like to introduce an new X-game sport which got invented by some skateboarder in US at 2006. The name of the new sport is called Freeline Skating. It was said that this new type of sport had combined the way of skating the Snowboard, Skateboard, Ski, Inline Skate, and much more.

This new sport had rise since 2006 and are progressing steadily now. You can already see lots of Freeline Skate videos through Youtube and you can see lots of players are from US, Japan and Korea. Too bad I haven’t saw any videos from Malaysia yet.

So, what is so fun about this new sport?

Firstly, It very small and compact. Compared to the skateboard, the sizes of the board(or you can’t call it a board anymore, it’s a pad) is about the size of the computer mouse. So it would be extremely easy for you to carry it around and skate it whenever you like.

Next, you can pump your speed up yourself. Unlike the skateboard, which you have to put your leg down and accelerate yourself, you can just turning your leg around and you can move on forward without doing some un-cool pushing works.

Then, it can jump like any other kind of X-games too. If you not believe then you can try and look at the videos from youtubes.

Finally, it’s cool! Everyone like new things, just like new laptop/gaming console. The Freeline Skate is still considereed very new although 4 years of time had passed. It’s still not much people knowing it existence and less people are skating it. So it will be very cool when people say “Wow ! What is that? I never saw that before.”

So, less reading, more video. I think it would be best for you to witness the cool side of the sport yourself through video. So I prepared few Youtube video and put it in between the passages.

Lastly I would like to help promote this new sport to Malaysia and hopes that I will got some friends to play with when I go back to Malaysia for vacation. I will buy this Freeline skate by this tuesday when I got my money banked in for me. ^^ Also, here are some links for you if you want to buy it. Sorry the link provided are for the use in Japan only. Do some Google searching if you are in Malaysia.

UPDATE!! I had just won the Auction in Yahoo Auction for the skates. Meant that I will most possibly getting the getting by wednesday or thursday ^^

University’s Guidance (Kesenaitsumi Ver.)

Hi. It had been a while since I last wrote a blog and I just got back from my University’s Guidance talk.

Japanese traditional way of decorating “Welcome on your entering to our school” with  flowers.

Went there about 1.30 p.m. and the talk started at about 2.00. We are suppose to be there to hear some talk and guide on how to choosing your subject of study for your semester. And to get your student card, which provide Library Usage, Computer Usage, Checking your study Progress and timetable through their site, paying for figma, using as Credit Card, transform into a fighting Mobile suit…..etc

Those are the people sit in front of me, the same amount of student sat on the other side, and double sat behind me.

What really surprised me is that the amount of student. I saw about whole hall of student went for the same department as me. Then later heard the teacher said, about 198 student will be studying IT together with me this year… WOW. Just to let you know, my school got 23 department and considering 23 X 200 student intake yearly….. around 4000 new student every year!

My Stupid face is on the card^^ It made me looked fat.

After the long and boring talk, We go and get our student ID card. Then Straightly I go back home. Spotted few girl quite ok and made a Japanese friend.(Sorry, is a He.) That all for today, Still have placement test for English and Mathematics tomorrow.

The Ring Folder they gave us to read… Holy Shxt…

That is lots!!! full of Small Japanese Words….