Iphone For Every New Handphone User through Softbank

The Japan’s Mobile corporation named Softbank had just launched a Campaign today named [iphone for everybody] that offered the 8GB Iphone for user who sign up the 2 years contract through their Corporation.

Throughout their campaign, the Iphone 8GB model which originally cost about 6万9120円(or RM 2587) will be reduced to 0円(so to be called Free in Malaysia). And the 16 GB model is also available for the price 1万1520円(around RM 431) away from the original price of 8万640円(around RM 3018).

You got an Ipod too together with the phone. LOL. Save up the money for Mp3 players.

The 8GB model will be for free during their promotion campaign but you still need to pay 2324円(around RM 86) per month for the talktime.

The promotion period start from 27 February 2009 until 31 May 2009. So for the Study aboard student to Japan during April Period, If you want to save up the money for your phone but still want an Iphone, This is your chance. Below is the shorted list of Iphone’s Features:

  1. Online with 3G speed
  2. Multi-touch control
  3. GPS
  4. Accelerometer(mean if you turn your Iphone 90 degree, the screen will also change to the direction for better videos/photos viewing.)
  5. Light control sensor to adjust your screen’s brightness
  6. Iphone’s Keyboard(The iPhone keyboard’s intelligent design allows you to switch between 21 international layouts with a single tap. iPhone also features sophisticated character recognition software that lets you draw a Chinese character with your finger and tap to choose the matching result.) Not to speak about Japanese language if you get it from Japan.

for more detailed features of Iphone, visit the official site.

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Lost Chasing Over My Dream

P.S. : First of all, I don’t really understand why I come up with such strange post. I seldom express my deepest feeling out but this time, I even wrote it up and share with everyone who read over this blog…. I don’t know why.

I found that recently I have get myself lost again. I had totally entered Hikikomori Mode now. Everyday keep locking myself at home and does not even bother about social activities.

I think I know why I’m doing like this. It’s the thruth that I will be going over to study aboard at Japan soon. I’m going oversea, and because of that, I will have to part with all my friends here. I cannot meet them anymore in the coming 1 or 2 year but have to stay alone at Japan.

Since 2 years ago when I started to plan going over to study at Japan, I had start to cut off my relationship with my friends at school. I didn’t really mixed too deeply with my form 6 friends because I scare when we have to part, I will be very sad. So to prevent those from happening, I rarely go out with them, and even stay cool and keep them away from coming deep inside my heart.

Sorry, my friends, for keeping our distance.

And now I think I’m starting over this situation again. I tried to cut off my relationship with the Harmonica players in Penang. My Daddy, Mummy, sister, Kun Kun, and everyones. I get tired of social life recently except going to my Japanese class. Even they asked me for a hiking this sunday, I turn off their offer using that can’t wake up too earlier/ didn’t have a place to stay over at penang.

You know, if I’m getting serious about going, who can stop me for doing so? I will surely comes out with some solution. But yet, I didn’t.

Sorry, My beloved Penang harmonica players. For turn off most of your offers of outgoing activities.

I just don’t want to be hurt so severely when we have to part. I don’t want to cry over this kind of things and moreover don’t want you guys to see my sad face. I just can’t stop myself from.

I’m Lost now. Totally lost about what to do now.

I’m losing the trace of time, tasting freedom everyday yet, Alone.

I don’t know what to do know, Either to change myself, Or just tricking myself until the day of parting, Has come.

Kesenaitsumi, Going over to the Eastern Country, all alone.

Learning Japanese Through IKnow!

After been reading Danny Choo’s site, I found out that the site is very informative and it does bring great fortune for every reader of knowledges. He even bring me to a great advertisement-less learning Japanese site named IKnow!

Through his recent post about a gathering for bloggers, YouTubers, and folks in IT and related industries (media and creative), he had introduced lots of great people in Japan. All from big Company or What What CEO of this or CEO of that or Director of XXX…

iknow.co.jp CEO Andrew.

It just happened by that I am interested in this photos and read the link below it at Danny’s site, then I click at it, I found out that You can Actually Learn Language at IKnow.co.jp

For now you can learn between Japanese, English and Chinese Courses in your favorite language.

So I Registered myself and start learning from Basic Level(through I’m already passed Level 3 in JLPT last year…). I wish to revise myself for what I have learned.

Take a Look at My Page. I had studied 178 words, completed 20 Dictation in the past 2 days.

The benefit Iknow offer you is that the course is easy to understand(as long as you can read Hiragana and Katagana), then it got native speaker to read the words for you. So you learned to listen to the word while learn to memorize it.

Well, Enough talking, Just Try it out~ IKnow!

World Harmonica Festival 2009

After been go to Cheetion’s Space , I have found out that the 6th World Harmonica Festival is confirmed to be organize at trossingen / Germany. Trossingen is a town which now had been renowned as a “music town” in Baden-Württemberg . The Competition is organized by The Fédération International de l´Harmonica. The date of the competition had been confirmed at 28 October – 1 November 2009.

Well, the fact I’m writing about this news isn’t mean that I’m going to take part in the competition. Since I’m already using Lots of money to study overseas in Japan this coming April, so I’m not gonna take part in it due to the expensive of the air ticket and lacking of time for song practicing.

For the Detailed information you can gently visit the Official Site.

My friend’s New Love Novel

One of my friend is working on a Love Novel and it posted up on this site:


I have read a part of it and feel that it’s intereting. So I would like to recommend to you all and try to read it if you are free ^.^

The Novel is in Chinese language and the background of the story is around Japan and Taiwans. It featured a little girl’s love story.

皆さん、是非応援してください~ Please support her writting ^.^

Chinese New Year Gathering at Queensbay Mall 2009

The 1st and the 2nd day of Chinese New Year all going though like every year before, just going visit relatives and get Ang Pau and do some gambling at their house. So the 3rd day of CNY is free. I start to call and invite people to go to the gathering for movie in Queensbay Mall when I’m still in my Grandmother’s house. The progress continue on until I back at home and start contact using Windows Live Messenger and Great News, 4 more people agree to go for the movie.

The Queensbay Mall decoration. Full of Chinese new year atmosphere.

We meet up at Queensbay Mall at 12.30. Before it Mun Pheng and me go buy the ticket from the cinema counter. We bought 7 tickets for Inkheart(For those who don’t know how to pronounce it, It read as In- Kheart, Not Ink-Heart.). It cost RM 42. Wow, surprised, so cheap even at chinese new year periods? haha. After asking Mun Pheng, she say that today is Wednesday so the ticket price is special price, which is RM6 each.

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Happy Chinese New Year 2009!

It had been long and finally it’s new year again. Kesenaitsumi wish all of you having a great Chinese New Year in this 2009.

Being a Chinese I’m definitely can understand the joyment of Chinese new year this year too like every year. A Chinese New Year mean a Whole New Year for all those chinese and it’s the best fortune days for us chinese. Eveyone is having a holidays now and are relaxing at home, or visiting relatives’ house to get Ang Pao, or Going out hanging with friends. Everyone is having a good times ^.^

As a new year, I was thinking of putting up somethings news on this blog. And yes, as you can see, It’s a failure this time. I tried to put up this blog again in the net but, due to some accident, the whole database had gone and I have no ways to recover it. That mean all the post I have wrote previously are all gone without a trace. ^.^” Guess it mean a new start over too..(ahaha)

Well, as now is the First day of 2009 year of Chinese, I have come out few objectives of the year, I don’t know either I can really reach them or not, but I’ll definitely try my best for it. Here are my objectives this year:

  1. Going over study at Japan
  2. Done great in my Japanese language and keep being 1st place at my class
  3. Finish 3 solo songs of harmonica
  4. Get good grade in other than Japanese subjects
  5. Get a good part-time job at Japan
  6. Meet friend of mine which in Japan(Yuxx-san)
  7. Go to Comiket
  8. Buy a new Laptop

I think that’s all for my objectives this year. ^.^ The last objectives seem really hard since I have to earn my own study expenses at the same time so I don’t really know can collect that much money in the same time or not.

Lastly, Wish everyone having a good fortune and healthy body in this year too. ^.^