Road Maintenance

When I going back from my part-time job few days ago. I pass through a road maintenance near Nishi-Nippori area. As for your info. Japanese seldom do their road maintenance during day-time but often in night-time. Now you wonder why?

road maintenance1

A simple shot with my Iphone…

Japanese, they are someone who really don’t want to cause problem to other people. (迷惑を掛けるのは良くないこと). So, they scare they will causing problem for the road user, and so have the road maintenance done at night-time instead of at day-time.

But another point which I liked about their Road Maintenance is that, it is full of Con which will light up during night.

Road Maintenance 2

Saw those lights on the con? It feel like some kind of race is going to start.

Road maintenance 3

Another shot.

Not just the con will light, the maintainer also wear some equipment which will light up their body so other cars won’t bump into them. And so, decreasing the accident rate in Japan.

Back in Malaysia, when there are some road maintenance, it will surely causing Traffic Jam around the maintenance area… It’s really troublesome when you just happened to be really have to pass through that area…

Now, how about the road maintenance at your country?

Choco Coronet in Japan

Yesterday when I go to Honkomagome’s Shopping Street, I found a bakery which sell The Famous Choco Coronet by Lucky Star. It is a Street which are just beside Honkomagome’s Station. So if you happened to pass by, you can have a look around it.


The street itself.

Around the street

A pictures of the street itself. Still have some shop haven’t open up since it’s still early.


And here you are, the Choco Coronet.

Back in few years ago since I started watching Lucky Star, I keep wondering is that choco coronet really tasted that good? And so during my trip to Capital(Kuala Lumpur), I bought one and found out that it’s not really as expected…

But now I have reached the land of the rising sun. Still haven’t try their choco coronet yet. That day I have my stomach full so can’t eat it anymore…. Will try it next time.


Konata can’t eat the real-sized Choco coronet…

Dango from Japan

Yesterday on my way to my work, I bought this Dango from a 99 YEN Shop to fill myself up after the whole long day study at school. Below is the Picture of the Dango thing:


Filled with the sweety syrup. Sweety. ^^

What I bought is Mitarashi Dango, which mean Dango covered with a syrup made from shouyu (soy sauce), sugar and starch. Since I bought it in a 99 Yen shop which mean it’s not really good. But still, a good choice of food to fill yourself up if you are in a hurry and want something fast.

By the way, some famous Dango Maker might have their best selling dango which might cause you around 300 Yen to buy one. Still haven’t try those expensive Dango yet so can’t be sure of the taste. ^^

Razing Storm by Namco

This time I take the video of the Arcade Machine called “Razing Storm”. You might have waiting for Time Crisis 5 to be produced after finished up Time Crisis 4, but Namco had produced this another game called Razing Storm which similar to Time Crisis.

The game also played using gun and Leg Pedal which toggle between engage and shield. The different is that the manual gun is a 60 Bullet Heavy Machine gun and you might have Rocket Launcher when battle-ing with bosses. The bosses are all huge robot and really have thick skin. So it’s more realistic than Time Crisis which the Bosses are human which cannot be killed with over 2000 hit using Machine gun…. =.=”

Well then, here is the Video:

This guy is not really pro at this machine. But neither do I. I tried using 1 credit and can’t even reach the Boss battle stage yet….

Note to Chin Hsien: LOL….Wish I can play it together with you.. haha.

Plants at Japan

Today when I go to do some laundry at the roof top. I spotted this :

Plant on rooftop

Oh Great! Plant on roof top.

As you can see, Japan which have really limited space especially in Tokyo, try to plant everywhere they can. They didn’t have much ground or space for them to plant their flowers in. And so, They try to use all the space they can get to plant their flowers.

Great Idea or Dumb way of doing?

Plant on rooftop closer

Here is another closer view.