Why you should not working OT

Hi, it is Yoharmonica the harmonica guy currently just a regular worker at a Japanese company. Those who had know me for sometimes must had known that how active I am to produce new harmonica videos and posting anime related posts till one years ago.


Picture taken during Kanda Matsuri at Akihabara street.


I started to work at my current company since last year’s July. I tried to work smart and go home earlier at first, but then slowly got affected by the so called ‘Japanese work style’. Everyone is staying at the office till late night(wether they really working or not..). So I followed.

But it all ended with a very unsatisfying social life and was a big cliff down on my self improving life. I use to be very ambitious on learning new stuff.

So, below is some point I think why you should not working OT:

  1. Your days ENDED the time you get out of your office.
    Human sleep for 8 hours and work 8 hours. Now you have only 8 hours left. Deduce the time  you use to travel to work, time to do your poop poop and shower, time used to eat lunch and dinner(and supper maybe?), you normally got 3-5 hours left. If you working OT for another 1-3 hours, you got…. 1-2 hours left for your personal use… that time is gone if you are like me who MUST watch few episode of anime everyday….
  2. You get STRESS…. LOTS of STRESSSS!
    I’m not sure how the japanese thinking, but for me( and I think for most of us who didn’t think like japanese), we feel inferior because we could not finish our work on given time(that is, 8 hours a day). With the accumulated inferior feeling, we start to worry and feeling stress…
  3. You have no time for self improving.
    Which is what I noticed in the past half year. You yearns for new knowledge! YET, by the time  you got home, it is usually already passed 9pm.. considering you have to eat your dinner and take a bath before sleep.. you got 1 – 2 hours left for your personal use before you need to head to sleep. And don’t forget, those 1 – 2 hours usually ended by Facebook timeline swiping.
  4. You get sick more often.
    You got home late meant you have your dinner late. Normal salaryman usually have their lunch at noon. so if you stayed at office till 8 pm, that meant you will have to stay up with the energy from your lunch for 8 hours!(Which is kinda harsh for me who get hungry every 4 hours….) Not to mention that sometimes you feel like doing something you like(like watching anime, playing games and glancing at cosplayer photos online…) and ended up sacrificing your sleeping time bits by bits…..
  5. You have no chance to hang out with friends.
    Great friends are hard to get. By working OT in office meant that you will missed out most dinner offer from your friends. “Sorry, OT today so cannot join you for dinner. Next time” is often heard from people who working in Japan. Decline for a few times, and your friends start stop asking you to dinner.. Why? Because they know you mostly working OT and doesn’t bother to ask you out anymore….

There are lots of other disadvantage of working OT which I wish to post up here. But I tried to limit myself on how much time I should spent writing a post.(Since I’m not writing this post to earn money through advertising, but rather to get myself to keep on writing.)

Till next time, maybe I should start talking about some good behaviour that you should adept to improve your living experience.Li

J-Pop Culture Festival 2014 at Yamashita Park

I had joined my friend Karis-chan to the J-Pop Culture Festival 2014 at Yamashita Park, Yokohama yesterday. The event is to celebrate the Anniversary of Yokohama Open Port and it purpose is to promote Japan’s Pop Cultures(Anime, Cosplay, Dance, Singing, Idols).

Yokohama Yamashita Park - 17

Photo with Alodia!

Our main purpose that day is to see Alodia on stage. Since her stage is at 1700, we have the whole morning to walk around and taking photos with other cosplayers. I loved to see cosplayers especially those who cosplay on Vocaloid series.(Everyone know I love Hatsune Miku and had played lots of her songs with Harmonica.) I was lucky enough to be able to see some Miku Cosplay right away when we reached the Park.

Yokohama Yamashita Park - 05

Cute! Not to mention she is the famous Miku Dancer who make dance covers in Youtube! Thanks Shino Ryuuga(紫乃 龍雅)-san for the photo.

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Cup Noodles Museum, Yokohama

I visited to the Cup Noodles Museum at Yokohama yesterday. Cup Noodles was invented at 1971 by Japan, 13 years after the invention of the first instant noodles in Japan by Momofuku Andou.

Cup Noodles Museum 1

Me Talking a photo with the Big sized Cup Noodles

The Cup Noodles Museum is located at [2-3-4 Shinko, Naka-ku, Yokohama 231-0001 Japan] and it is just about 8 minutes walk from Minatomirai Station/ Bashamichi Station.
Google Map: here.

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A Trip to Nikko~

At 20th September, I had a trip of 2 days and 1 night to Nikko sponsored by JTB. As you all already aware of the earthquake happened at Japan this March, many foreigner are afraid of the radioactive and is not visiting Japan as much as before.

Ops, you can see my name!! haha. As if I scared huh? ^^

Behind the name plate~

But from my point of view, Japan is really safe for now for traveling. And it’s a shame if you didn’t visit Japan since it’s be most advanced and most clean country in the world, not to mention the safety here too.

well then~ back to the trip~ Start from riding the bus~ we gathered at Tokyo Station that day. Then we board the bus and they start giving out flyers and badges~

Kinda nice badge~

The first stop is to Tobu World Square~

The entrance to Tobu World Square~

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Japan Earthquake 3/11 “Japan is DONE FOR! Run EVERYONE”

“Japan is DONE FOR! Run EVERYONE!”

Good day to everyone who is reading this post now. I’m a foreign student from Malaysia who is currently study abroad at Kanagawa, Japan. I’ll be entering my 2nd year in my University this coming april. But, at 11th March, A strong quake struke Japan.

Song recommended when reading this post. “Ark” by Sound Horizon

It was confirmed to be a magnitude 9.0 quake in Iwate(岩手) there. It caused BIG Tsunami and it swayed many people’s house, cars, and even ships! Until today, more than 6,500 people had found death at Tohoku Chihou(東北地方). And now people still evacuating and need our helps now.

Peoples in Akihabara right after the strong quake at 11th March.

But then, what about people in Tokyo? What about the people at Kansai(west side of Japan)? There is totally no damage to the Kansai Area. And not much to Tokyo too. I dare to say this because I had been watching NHK news since 11th of March. I keep on updating myself with news and tweets and media blogs. Tokyo is now functioning well and things we need to worry for now is food shortage(due to people buying too much to store), and electric shortage( which caused train moving less than normal).

Everyong is standing in the middle of the road to avoid things fall down from building. Yeah, They didn’ t run in chaos as you see in some Dissaster movies.

“But they said the Nuclear Reactor is blowing up!!! ”

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Tokai University 2010 Festival Performance + Firework

Today is the 4th days of my University’s Festival. I applied for performance at the last day at the front of the No.4 Building of my University. well ya, Harmonica Performance…

P.S. : Just noticed that I didn’t write post for a long time and now having problem writing proper english post…..

The University’s Festival is really FUN! Walking around already got lots of Leng Lui(Beauty) and Leng Zhai(Handsome) see. ^^ My University had 4 location for performance, meant that there are 4 performance going on at the same time… one cannot watch all the performance for my University’s Festival…

well then, I didn’t took any photos this time(didn’t expected to post about my University’s Festival days…) and so I will just put up two videos. One is my Performance at front of No. 4 building and another one is the Final Firework Show by my University. Have fun. ^^

(Sorry the background music is a little bit small and I played lots of mistake. ^^)

Tokyo Game Show 2010

I had been to Tokyo Game Show that located at Makuhari Messe at 18th September 2010 with my friend. I bought the ticket at 7-eleven nearby my house for 1000 Yen.

Reached there  at 11.10 am. Got there late because I got the wrong station name.

Weather that day was really nice, and not too hot.

Up till here, I start to wonder… “wow… looked like not really lots of people coming to this TGS 2010”.. But then the nightmare had just begin~

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Odawara Castle(小田原城)

Yesterday when I’m going to part-time job interview at Odawara, I had passed through this Castle. Asked the man after my interview and he told me the entrance is free so I decided to take a walk inside it.

Some historical education for the tourist to read. How much can you understand without english explanation? ^^

It’s kinda interesting to see such historical building located just beside of the main road inside a city. ^^

liked the red bridge. A bridge always remind me of the scene from Spirited Away where Chihiro have to cross the bridge without breathing so the spirits or gods there will not notice she is a human.

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Summer Comiket 2010

Last few days I had been to the Famous Comic Market in Japan, A.K.A Comiket for short. I was plan to reach there at 11.00 a.m. but due to some problem of my friends(overslept. lol), We reached there at 1.30 p.m….

This is the nearest station to Tokyo Big Sight. As usual even it’s already 1.30 p.m. still tons of people there.

Spotted Itasha of Aya Shameimaru from Touhou Project when waiting for friend.

Remilia and Sakuya from Touhou too.

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