Tokai University 2010 Festival Performance + Firework

Today is the 4th days of my University’s Festival. I applied for performance at the last day at the front of the No.4 Building of my University. well ya, Harmonica Performance…

P.S. : Just noticed that I didn’t write post for a long time and now having problem writing proper english post…..

The University’s Festival is really FUN! Walking around already got lots of Leng Lui(Beauty) and Leng Zhai(Handsome) see. ^^ My University had 4 location for performance, meant that there are 4 performance going on at the same time… one cannot watch all the performance for my University’s Festival…

well then, I didn’t took any photos this time(didn’t expected to post about my University’s Festival days…) and so I will just put up two videos. One is my Performance at front of No. 4 building and another one is the Final Firework Show by my University. Have fun. ^^

(Sorry the background music is a little bit small and I played lots of mistake. ^^)

Suzuki Sirius Get!!

Hehe. Just from what you saw in my MSN status few days ago, I finally got myself my dream harmonica, Suzuki Sirius 14 holes. ^^

Just as some of you had already know, I had said that I will definitely buy this harmonica when I’m getting some extra money. At last friday, I finally got my scholarship money banked in for me. ^^ Can’t tell you how much due to personal reason.

Bought at Taniguchi Musical Instrument shop.

I had write a post about Suzuki’s new Sirius and Gregorie Maret last time here and I did mentioned that I liked the new Sirius very much. The reason is simple, It have silver plated mouthpiece, responsive and the tone of the harmonica is really great.

Taking it out from the box.

The hard cover of the box is really beautiful too. And the shop had asked me to write the Ownership slip by Suzuki, which proved that you had owned this harmonica. ^^ And they will contact you whenever Suzuki got new workshop or some gathering. Maybe I will meet up with Ootaka-san which came to Malaysia few years ago. Hehe.

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Atsugi Harmonica Concert (厚木ハーモニカコンサート

Went to one harmonica concert last week with my friend 戸田さん(Toda-san). Been know about this concert but not really feel like going but after invitation from Toda-san, Finally decided to go and take a look at the Japan’s Harmonica standard.

The ticket, costed 2,500 Yen…. expensive, you can watch about 5 concert in Malaysia…..

We reached there about 2 hours before the stadium open and we practiced Paris Diary there. Got an old men and a woman comes by and talked to us. ^^ fell happy about it.

本厚木文化会館(The Cultural Stadium of Hon-Atsugi). Entrance.

Everyone is lining up waiting the stadium to be opened… Japanese really like to line up…

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Playing Duet with Harmonica Player Naruhiro-san(Chord)

Last sunday went Shinjuku to meet up with Toda Naruhiro (戸田成浩) and played duet together at a Karaoke Room for about 3 hours.

Naruhiro-san treating me to Ramen after the Harmonica Session.

Just like Sanada-san, I get to known Naruhiro-san from, which is a Japanese’s Facebook-type-website and we decided to meet up and have a session together.

Naruhiro-san is a Japanese but he can speak chinese. He had been study overseas at Taiwan for one year by Student exchange plan and had then been joining harmonica band at Taiwan.

Naruhiro-san now is main on Chords and (複音) Tremolo Harmonica. He played a song in Tremolo Harmonica and I feel WOW!!! His chords is also at normal standard and can doing session together without much problem.

We played few songs cause he bring his score which he got from Taiwan. Between these song are those you all are familiar with:

  1. Kiss of Fire
  2. Bumble Bee twist
  3. The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
  4. Old Big Clock
  5. Paris Diary
  6. etcs

At last, I decided to take one recording of our Jamming session and uploading it up net and let you all witness how a Japanese play chords (what the hell am I talking about… They play it normally, Using mouth and hand…)

The song name is 大きな古い時計 which is a famous Japanese songs sing by Hirai ken (平井 堅). We taking the recording inside a Karaoke room so the sound quality is quite bad….

Merry X’mas for all my friends

Today is X’mas and hereby I would like to wish you all a Merry X’mas. Well, actually didn’t have much things to write about this post.

But this time, I recorded a video with my Iphone and wish to present it to Harmonica players in Penang and my school, Chung Ling Butterworth’s harmonica band.

Hope you all keep on playing harmonica and then become a great harmonica player just like me(Beh Pai seh)…

P.S.: For those who can’t understand some words I used in this post, don’t feel down because those are Malaysian English…. This post is targetting Malaysia reader so you may ignore this post if you don’t like it. ^^

Visit the Harmonica Player Sanada-san

Today I had went to Chiba area to visit one of the harmonica player which I know about through (a japanese facebook site.)

Meet up with him at front of the station and started to talk to him about harmonica. He told me that he had been to Malaysia performing at Genting Highland.

Walked about 10 minutes to his house. Then we straightly go into his room which is full of scores and a piano and a 40 inched computer(swt)…

The room is quite mess but full of score… wow. saw his computer with 40 inch monitor/Television.

He then started to tell me the things about Japan Harmonica. Then he showed me his Hardbopper which is also custom made body with stainless steel. I also shown him my Suzuki SCX with the steel comb.

He is taking photos of my Chromatica SCX 48

After that we played few songs together. He directly printed 3 songs from his computer and teach me to play it. One of it is a Japanese song named four season( not the classical one), one of Jazz song named green sleeves.

Sanada-san’s Hardbopper stainless… Custom made through Internet… Really expensive. Strong tones.

Time is really short or us to play and I had to go back since I have to work at 5.00 p.m. Started to go back at 4 p.m. and was able to reach my workplace at 5.07 p.m.

Really was a great experience for me in Japan. Sanada-san is my first harmonica friend in Japan and I think will be more friends soon.

Suzuki Sirius and Gregorie Maret

Today I went to Taniguchi【谷口楽器】 (Sorry, Official website currentlly cannot access.)musical instrument shop to try out the new Suzuki harmonica named Sirius and Gregorie Maret.

The poster inside the shop.

Had got this news about the harmonica release by Mun Pheng(from Mr. Liaw) and quickly searched through the internet about it. Then I found out that we are able to test their new harmonica at Taniguchi musical instrument shop which located at Ocha no mizu【御茶ノ水】.

The Gregoria Maret Steel version… Wow.. Blue coloured…

Finally decided to depart for to test the harmonica today. Reached there around 12.30 and was testing the harmonica there for 1 hour! LOL. Today is quite cold and my hand is getting pain from the cold wind.

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Phew! Life never been so busy. Just after I got back from the Rinkan Gakkou 2 weeks ago, then it’s Exam… After the exam, Soon it is my Homestay Trip. LOL

Just got back from my Homestay’s trip at Saitama-ken. Our school asked us to write about what do you think about your homestay trip. And so I wrote it up before I forget about it.

Below is my 感想文(what do I think) about my Homestay Trip(All in Japanese though…):







This is supposed to pass up to ABK Japanese Language school but I think it worth a post itself. ^^


The Old Japanese house itself and the Sinohara-san Family.

Am I dead?

As you can see I almost didn’t wrote anything for almost a month already. Actually I’m busy with my Part-time job and my study everyday which result in my totally lack of post on my blog.

So here is some updates on my daily life at Japan. For the past 2 month:

  1. I found a job after a month staying in Tokyo.
  2. I bought a Music stand which cost 6399 yen.
  3. I bought a second hand fridge which cost 6299 yen.
  4. Performed William tell and Colour of the wind with harmonica.
  5. Went to Akihibara for 4 times.
  6. Went to listen a Great Concert at Civil Center’s Hall.


My fridge cost 6299 yen. But the transportation cost around 3000 yen too.

Music Stand

Music Stand cost 6399 yen.

News for Penang Harmonica Players

An Epic Quote :

[ I have good news and bad news for you all. Which do you want to listen to first? ]

Well, Guess you all choose to listen to good news first. And so there you are:

The video for the concert and prize giving ceremony last year already done and was send out to malaysia through postage service.

In the other hand, the bad news:

The time needed for the video to reach malaysia is about 2 weeks to a month….

And here I would want to use this chance to appologies to all of you that I’ve been taking too much time to finish off the video. I have lots of things to keep me busy here so it’s quite hard for me too. Now then the video is done and so I’m relieved.


By the way. I heard that the Ensemble camp just occured in Penang last week. I would like to see some photos or video if you all have. ^^