Cup Noodles Museum, Yokohama

I visited to the Cup Noodles Museum at Yokohama yesterday. Cup Noodles was invented at 1971 by Japan, 13 years after the invention of the first instant noodles in Japan by Momofuku Andou.

Cup Noodles Museum 1

Me Talking a photo with the Big sized Cup Noodles

The Cup Noodles Museum is located at [2-3-4 Shinko, Naka-ku, Yokohama 231-0001 Japan] and it is just about 8 minutes walk from Minatomirai Station/ Bashamichi Station.
Google Map: here.

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Tokyo Realtime: Akihabara Tour

I had took part in trying out the Tokyo Realtime: Akihabara last sunday. Found out that Joseph Tame is asking people to help trying out their new product and giving some feedback through Facebook. I think it will be a good chance for me to get more about Akihabara. So I contacted him and took part in it.

This is the package you will got if you order it. A very cute Maid to at the cover.

Joseph Tame is from White Rabbit Press, publishers of the world’s No.1 selling kanji flash cards, the A0 kanji poster and Tokyo RealTime audio tours. He is also responsible for marketing, and assisting in the research for and production of new products to add to our catalogue.

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iPhone Domino’s Application

Yes, The Domino Pizza is on your iPhone now. ^^

According to the website from the, you can now download application for your iPhone through App Store now. Then you can order your Domino pizza even at the street. With iPhone’s GPS support, they can send it to your current location.

Nothing much to say, just watch the instruction Video ^^ :

Not really going to try it since Pizza is expensive in Japan. Might consider ordering it if getting too hungry and almost faint on the street… ^^”

Lunch at Tokyo [5]

Today my Class is having a trip to Ten Ou (天皇)’s resident and on my wait back, my friends and I went to one of the local Ramen shop for some foods.

All of this for 500 Yen! Cheap!

This Ramen shop Located at Shinbocyou(新保町). We are extremely hungry after the trip so we just eat there.

The shop~

This is what lured attracted us in.

Just for your info that it normally cost you around 700 yen to have Ramen at Tokyo. But this shop offered Ramen and Tempura Don Set lunch with just 500 Yen. It’s really cheap around here.

It’s really beautiful inside too.


Vegetable juice

Recently I’m getting quite tired and felt that I can’t get enough of sleep no matter how much I slept yesterday. And so I think it must be nutrition problem for me. So I bought a vegetable juice yesterday night on my way home from my work.
I’m the kind of people who don’t like to eat vegetable. I haven’t been eating vegetables since grade 3 until recently when I came to Japan.

The Pack of 1 L.

I noticed that I shouldn’t be like this forever since it’s not good for my health. But it’s hard for me to buy the vegetables purposely just because I need those nutritions. (How I wish I have a girlfriend who can cook me heart-warming lunch everyday…)

Tasted like Tomatoes….. and Carrot-ish.

This is my first time drinking vegetable juice in my life. It looked carrot-ish colour. And it tasted…. Tomatoes?? ^^

Well, it’s good that it didn’t tasted so yucky. I don’t remember I saw any vegetable juice sold back in Malaysia.(or was it?^^)

How do you maintain your nutrition balance?

KFC in Japan

Today I went and try out the KFC(Kentucky Fried Chicken) in Japan. Heard that the KFC in Japan is really awful from lots of malaysian but never tried one before.

Hot Chicken Pie & Chicken Set costed 690 Yen.

On my way of seaching for Tokyu Milano Cinema at Shinjuku(新宿), I lost and missed the time to watch the movie Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha the Movie. So I decided to have my dinner first before continue on searching for the cinema.

Chicken Drumstick is rather…. Small compared to Malaysia.

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Blood Donation at Ikebukuro

Whenever you going to the Shunshine City Street in Ikebukuro(池袋), I’m sure that you will remember that got few people holding some sign about [We need blood donation badly]. Today after I went for my Arbeit’s Interview at Ikebukuro, I decided to give Japan’s Blood Donation(献血 = Ken Ketsu = Blood donation) a try.

This is their counter for you to do the registration for the blood donation.

This is not my first time of blood donation, but it’s my first blood donation in Japan. I had came to Japan since last year’s april but never tried to go for blood donation since I have to work almost everyday. I scared that I will feel tired or cannot use too much strength after the blood donation.

This is the view from the windows panel from the Blood Donation Center in Ikebukuro.

When I reach the blood donation center there. I feel WOW…. It’s not like normal blood donation at Malaysia. I feel the atmosphere very nice and I can see they are very professional.

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Lunch at Tokyo [4]

Seemed like I had been eating outside a lots recently… This time it’s a Chinese Restaurant at Hon-Atsugi (本厚木). Didn’t take photos of the entrance so no pictures of entrance for you this time…

This is what I ordered. 上海風酢豚(Shang Hai Flavor Vinegar Pork) Set lunch. Costed 780Yen.

The amount of the food here is really large and can hardly finished it all. I personally think Chinese food is very strong in flavor than Japanese food.. Hmm…Maybe it’s because I had been eating japanese foods recently?

While my Friend, Toda-san (戸田さん) ordered ニラレバ(Chinese Chive and Liver). Costed 780 Yen too.

We ate there during our trip to the Atsugi Harmonica Concert.For your info, Japanese called Chinese foods 中華料理 (Chuka Ryouri). So next time when you are asked by your Japanese friends about what you like to eat and if you cannot had Sushi, You can say Chuka Ryouri ga Iidesu(Chinese food is fine with me ^^”).

Nothing much to say here. ^^ See you next time.