Cake Tabehoudai(ケーキ食べ放題)

I know I had been writting about Tabehoudai(eat-all-you-can) a lot but this will be the final one for the time being.^^


It was about one and a half month ago when it was a week after my birthday. My friends who coming together with me to study at ABK Japanese language school had decided to help me celebrate my belated birthday by going to the cake tabehoudai.

The setting of the shop is very beautiful and very…. SWEET?

This cake tabehoudai is also located at Ikebukuro(池袋). It is very near from the pizza tabehoudai I wrote before. The restaurant’s name is Sweet Paradise. Sweet Paradise is also having it’s chain restaurant at other location like Shinjuku, Harajuky, and Ginza.

Got a bit excited and asked the 店員(staff )there for a photo session.

The cake tabehoudai costed us 1480 yen each person and have a time limit of one and a half hour. It contained more than 30 types of Sweets and more than 20 types of drinks. Best suited for those who like to eat sweet things. ^^

This is part of the Cake’s Corner.LOL…

Really ate lots that day and we all feeling hard to move around after the heavy meal. We also went playing some games at Game Center and then we all decided to go back since most of us already run out of money. ^^”

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