Blood Donation at Ikebukuro

Whenever you going to the Shunshine City Street in Ikebukuro(池袋), I’m sure that you will remember that got few people holding some sign about [We need blood donation badly]. Today after I went for my Arbeit’s Interview at Ikebukuro, I decided to give Japan’s Blood Donation(献血 = Ken Ketsu = Blood donation) a try.

This is their counter for you to do the registration for the blood donation.

This is not my first time of blood donation, but it’s my first blood donation in Japan. I had came to Japan since last year’s april but never tried to go for blood donation since I have to work almost everyday. I scared that I will feel tired or cannot use too much strength after the blood donation.

This is the view from the windows panel from the Blood Donation Center in Ikebukuro.

When I reach the blood donation center there. I feel WOW…. It’s not like normal blood donation at Malaysia. I feel the atmosphere very nice and I can see they are very professional.

This is the machine used to check your blood pressure after you had registered at the counter.

They treat you nicely and always keep their smile while talking to you ^^. I like Japan. They didn’t pay you a cent for donating your blood but instead, you got to eat either a burger or donut provided by Lotteria. And you also can have free drink there until you satisfy.

Free Lotteria burger or donut (I had choosen the burger) and free drink bar for you.

After registered and checked your blood pressure and they already make sure you are healthy enough for the blood donation. They will call on your name and then you will be guide into the donation room. In there, they help you check your blood types and your amount of Hemoglobin and what-it-is….  Haven’t study Biology for a long time …..

This is the drink bar they provided… seemed like normal drink machine located at train station but this one is all free.

The whole process of blood donation and some eating and drinking and watching TV there, reading magazines….   had took me 2 hours. Hmm… Maybe it’s too long for someone with lots of things to do everyday but It’s fine for me today since I had my work off today.

無料 (Muryou) mean free ^^ We all like things which are free.

They need blood donation for 200 ml and 400 ml too but today, since the 200 ml one is already reached their demand, they asked me that can I offering the 400 ml one instead of 200 ml. I agreed. In the process of the needles sucking your blood out of your body (Yes, It suck…. but not too strong ^^), you can talk with the pretty nurse there ^^.

You will get two stung from the needle, One in your left hand for blood type checking,

and another one on your right hand for blood donating.

I drank almost every kind of drinks they provided there before I went home.(quite Sam Pat<- Hokkien) I still remember my first blood donation is when I’m in Malaysia’s National Service. I still remember that I’m getting too high and jumping here and there just after the blood donating process and as a result, I fainted and drop all my food when I’m lining up for food in the camp… Quite embarrassing ^^”

They also advised you to pee while sitting after the blood donation since you might faint.

Well, it’s kind of a good experience for me and I would go for blood donation again next time(usually they will asked you to come after 2 months.). What about blood donation in your country?

They provided you a ID card and it wrote the date when you can start your next blood donation. (I think Hong Kong used a kind of book for recording.)

P.S. : You should drink lots of water after the blood donation process to help your body build up your blood.

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11 Responses to Blood Donation at Ikebukuro

  1. lkeith89 says:

    lol… never heard you talk about it o… really is… paiseh lo…
    still jumping here and there… haha….
    my first blood donation given to my university…
    luckily nothing happened.. haha.. Hospital will come my university once in two month time (sometimes even more…)

  2. kesenaitsumi89 says:

    Haha… They need lots of blood.

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