Tokyo Game Show 2010

I had been to Tokyo Game Show that located at Makuhari Messe at 18th September 2010 with my friend. I bought the ticket at 7-eleven nearby my house for 1000 Yen.

Reached there  at 11.10 am. Got there late because I got the wrong station name.

Weather that day was really nice, and not too hot.

Up till here, I start to wonder… “wow… looked like not really lots of people coming to this TGS 2010”.. But then the nightmare had just begin~

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Odawara Castle(小田原城)

Yesterday when I’m going to part-time job interview at Odawara, I had passed through this Castle. Asked the man after my interview and he told me the entrance is free so I decided to take a walk inside it.

Some historical education for the tourist to read. How much can you understand without english explanation? ^^

It’s kinda interesting to see such historical building located just beside of the main road inside a city. ^^

liked the red bridge. A bridge always remind me of the scene from Spirited Away where Chihiro have to cross the bridge without breathing so the spirits or gods there will not notice she is a human.

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Iphone 4 Bumper

I had received my iPhone 4 Bumper free from Apple 2 days ago. All you have to do is to download the official application from Apple, type in your iTunes account information and start choosing your bumper/casing you would like to receive for free from Apple. Check the previous post for instructions “Free bumper for iPhone 4 user announced.

It’s rather big. And Nice.

After equipped my iPhone 4 with the bumper, I feel that it sized up like an iPhone 3G.^^ It’s a bit large but it’s safer now with the bumper. I ordered it at 8th August and it reached me at 16th August. It scheduled to reach between 3-4 weeks but I got mine in just 1 weeks!

The backside of the box.

Those who haven’t ordered it should apply for it soon because I heard the periods is until September. Those who are going to receive their iPhone 4 from now on have no need to worry cause you will get the bumper together with your iPhone 4.^^

Summer Comiket 2010

Last few days I had been to the Famous Comic Market in Japan, A.K.A Comiket for short. I was plan to reach there at 11.00 a.m. but due to some problem of my friends(overslept. lol), We reached there at 1.30 p.m….

This is the nearest station to Tokyo Big Sight. As usual even it’s already 1.30 p.m. still tons of people there.

Spotted Itasha of Aya Shameimaru from Touhou Project when waiting for friend.

Remilia and Sakuya from Touhou too.

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StarCraft II all cleared

In 2 days of time after 1 days of it’s release date, I had finished up StarCraft II’s campaign Mode for the Terrans. What I can say about this game is ” It’s damned great!”

The story is simple, If I was to conclude it in the most simple way, it would be like this :

meet up old friends, start helping collecting Xel’naga’s artifact, fighting dominant, team up with them , using the Xel’naga’s artifact and neutralized the Zerg Virus on his girlfriend. The End

For more information please visit Wikipedia.

Haha. I admit that I’m bad at writing up stuff. The game play experience is also very great. You can choose between Casual, Normal, Hard , or Brutal Mode to play the game. You can play whatever mode and change mode even in the middle of the story. I had cleared the normal mode. I had tried Hard mode on the last mission and it was really ….. HARD… Hell I can never beat the hard mode for the last Mission… Can’t imagine how it was in Brutal mode…

Besides that, There are few scenes in the story kinda amusing. such as this:

Don’t shoot at Screen…. <– The main character had get angry and shoot at the screen once… LOL

They are creative enough to make a shooting game for you to play at if you are getting bored at the missions.

Hoho! iMac, iPhone, iPod, and iPistol at the future?

Well. Really had fun playing the game and I think StarCraft 2 is really the game you must play in your lifetime.

University 1st year spring semester ended

My University (Tokai University) had ended the spring semester. I’m now on Holiday mood and had been to Firework Festival, All cleared Star Craft II, and had met up old friends at Tokyo already.

After 4 months of study in my University, I’m can’t say that I’m totally get used to it yet but I already had the ideas of how my University do things. Result this semester is not really as I wished it to be. Gonna work hard at the next semester.

I didn’t planned well in financial for the past half-year… Been using money at place where I shouldn’t and got myself into trouble few times. Hadn’t been living well with fixed time to sleep and fixed time to wake up.

I can conclude my 1st semester in my University is kinda bad and was deeply regret it. From now on I will be better me and try to archive what I really want to.


Free bumper for iphone 4 user announced.

Today, a mail from apple had reached my iPhone to inform me that the official apple’s bumper will be for free for iPhone 4 user. Those who had bought their iPhone 4 before July 23 should apply for their free bumper before august 22th.

To apply, simply download an application from app. Store named “iPhone 4 case application program” and fill in the required information.

Those who had bought their own official bumper from apple can get their cash back from apple.

A Postcard to High School Principle Chung Ling Butterworth

At today’s Beginner Seminar class, every one of us had been asked to write a postcard to send back to teacher/principle of our own High School. The teacher asked us to choose teacher which had taken good care of you. I personally can’t think of one(sorry…) and so chosen my principle.

Hope I didn’t get the address wrong(or rather I did hope it wrong and never reached him ^^ LOL)

Thinking back of my high school life, it was really fun everyday although there aren’t any Sailor Uniform with short skirts to looked at everyday. Maybe because of I’m older than my current University’s friends, I often think their way of thinking and action are kinda childish sometimes. They doesn’t even speak proper Japanese sometimes which annoyed me the most… I did rather talk with some working men/woman since they will speak more politely and using nice Japanese language.

The contents…. Sorry if there is any mistakes in my English.

These photos are from the new iPhone 4. Guess this is the first time I’m using photos from the iPhone 4 seeing it had already been 2 weeks since I got it in my hand. Just noticed that the iPhone 4 can really take photos in 2592 x 1936 resolution. And the quality is also superb and really detailed.

Example photos from iPhone 4’s 5.0 MegaPixel Camera. Click on it to look at the actual sizes of the photos.

Japan Scenes 1 A train so empty

Few weeks ago when I’m departing to the Harmonica Camp at Saitama, I went through some area where there is very few people.

This is the first time I’m in a train so empty which seemed that the whole carnage is mine. ^^

This is during 1.30 p.m. Should be the time where everyone start going out but it’s very empty here.

If this is Malaysia, I would sleep on the seat now. LOL.

Planned to start this “Japan Scene” series to show you all scenes from all over Japan. For that I’ll be staying at Japan for University for the coming 4 years or more I’m sure I can blog more on this Category. ^^