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I have hosted this Blog on my home’s dekstop since last year using Apache server. This blog then has been changed hosting server to WampServer 2.0. Wamp 2.0 is far more easier than using only Apache last time and it’s less resource-eating program.

And then I had started to using my sister’s laptop for all my work like sufting, watching anime, playing game, download files, health care, ETC… And at last, I finally decided to moved my blog from my Dekstop to my Laptop. It had always been a burden for me to walk out of my room to the computer desk just to write post, customize links, check on my blog stats or even to read my own blog….

Cute Aizen ^.^

Since yesterday night, I used about 6 hours to figure out how to move my blog to another computer together with my database. The last failure had teached me a lesson that I have to REMEMBER to export the database before doing any Big Operation on the blog.

I worked up till morning 6.00 a.m without sleep trying to find out solution through Uncle Google but no much result. And then the next day, I wake up at 12.00 noon and continue working on the moving of my blog. It sometime make me feel very annoying because just moving a blog is taking so much time. I feel myself useless for having insufficient knowledges about computer.

Tank Shot!!

And then around 4.30, I managed to get this site working again. I figures out that the problem is mostly these:

  1. I didn’t forwarding my port correctly
  2. Even the port been forwarded, I forgot to restart the modem to save setting.
  3. I messed up with wp-config.php ‘s database listing.
  4. Don’t have knowledge of PHPMyAdmin.

After the blog is up and working find, I started to Design a new Theme for my blog(or rather, using some themes as source and customize it). The process of customizing the header takes around 3 hours for someone like me who barely understand how to use a Photoshop. This is the final Product(as you can see in the upside of this blog):

This is the outlook of the blog.

Compared to last time:

Then I started to change the CSS of the theme from Japan-style theme. I customized part of the CSS to make my blog to look like what I really want. Either way, the work is still not done I think. Will customize images for the footer once I have time.

Final Ending~~

The above’s Cyborg Girl’s pictures have nothing to do with this entry. It’s a game that I recently finished named “Gadget Trial“.

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  1. bokuranoyume says:

    HARD WORK !!!
    AND ..
    No need always to mention insufficient computer knowledge before BokuranoYume-san or his confident in learning could be crush !!!
    ^o^ …… ……. ……. >.<

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