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After a week time at Japan. I finally decided to move my blog to this temporarily WordPress Hosted Blog. I have internet connection at my dorm’s room but it is Fibre Optic cable connection so it has no modem. I can’t set up my blog like you guys always visited.

Tried to set it up but failed all the time. So the temporarily solution is to move all my previous entries to this temporarily blog. So that everyone can know what I’m doing over here. For the previous posts’ photos, it cannot be view anymore because the photos’s database is on my laptop.

But the post from now on will have photos if I upload them properly. ^^


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4 Responses to Blog Announcement

  1. hui Jing says:

    yes i wanna i wanna see photos photos photos !!! ^^
    take care =D

  2. kesenaitsumi89 says:

    Haha.. Yeap Yeap. will try update lah. Cannot write long post since getting busy.

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