Big Sized Cola in Japan

Bought a Coca Cola for 105 Yen(around RM 3.8. Seemed expensive but it’s considered cheap in japan.) last week but look at the SIZE of it:


Longer than my hand a lot.

In Japan, Coca Cola seemed to be very famous and their demand toward the quantity is also very large. The photos showed the coca cola of 650 ml. Think malaysia’s size is only 350 ml.

Normal size of the cola at Japan is 500 ml but then you might saw some Extra large sized one as the photo above. ^^


The normal size is 500 ml but this one has been Plus +150 ml.

I think one of the reason why the cola’s size is so big is that Japanese didn’t drink “drinking water”/”tap water” at all. They didn’t bring water bottle like in Malaysia everywhere. If they get thirsty, they just put in 100 yen at the vending machine and buy a can of tea/ cola/ pepsi/ cofee.

At Japan, you can almost see a vending machine everywhere. Some selling Drinks, some are Tobacco, and some are Condom???(Haven’t saw one yet.)

Hmm.. Might got lots of interesting news soon. ^^

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10 Responses to Big Sized Cola in Japan

  1. hui Jing says:

    also gt noddles, rice ones rite?? the vending machine all very beautiful one hahah a lot colours de =D
    i SEE JAPAN !!! =)

  2. rikumi says:

    Exactly! Last time I heard from my theory teacher that when she went to Japan to live with her friend, she said “mizu o kudasai” and her friend’s mother gave her “ocha”. Ocha doesn’t really get digest…I think, so female there are mostly slim even though they eat much >_>;

    So ehh…it’s true they label “oishisa” on almost every (branded)packed food or can….=w=;

  3. kesenaitsumi89 says:

    > Hui Jing
    Haha. So far I didn’t see those vending machine that sell Noodles or rice one yet. ^^ But heard about it too. Hehe. When I saw them then I take their photos.

    > Rikumi
    Hi. Welcome to this blog.
    Not just because of the Ocha, But also because of they walks a lots. It’s very few of japanese used Car as their main transportation. Every morning around 8.00 am, I can see whole lots of Japanese is walking toward their working place.
    Train is always full of people at that time.
    “Oishisa” is not really been labeled at every packed can or food ^^

  4. Rin says:

    sadly , i cant drink cola ^^ ahahha

  5. kesenaitsumi89 says:

    Rin> why can’t drink?

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