Back into action~

Yeah. After few months of study for the EJU test, now I’m finally free from my study mode and are now ready to continue writing on this blog. Sorry for those who had been reading this blog before and welcome back everyone. ^^

Before I go back to normal writting stuff about Japan and animes, I would like to Show off let you all know about what changed had gone through me in this few months of time.

Firstly, I’m proud to let you all know that I’m finally own a PSP of my own. ^.^ Been getting it since last week and keep engage with it so I didn’t post anything up here for a while. But I started to think that I shouldn’t be like this and decided to put it down a while to make this post up. ^^

Here is my PSP. Had been using this theme since I bought it. Anyone have any recommended customized theme?

secondly, I had been to Embassy Of Malaysia in Japan last month to get my document approved by them. Just to let you know, The Embasy Of Malaysia of Tokyo is located at Shibuya. You can easily get to it by Yamanote-lines and walk about 15 minutes.

The Plat located at the front door.

Didn’t really take pictures inside it. Just a view from the front entrance. They are my friends going together with me.

Thirdly, I had been had my lonely Birthday at 18 October 2009. It was the worst birthday I had ever had… I only received one Wishing Card from Kah Yong and some cakes from my Senpai at my working Place( Yes, I work on my birthday too. How suck is it….).

Well. Too much of unrelated news for you all I think. ^^

Anyway, From now on I will be continue to update you all with news about Japan and interesting event/fact that I encountered at Japan. Wish you all will continue to support this blog and get the best benefits from it.

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7 Responses to Back into action~

  1. lkeith89 says:

    Haiya, at least you get a Birthday card ma… haha… Got cake also leh! I also finished my final exam for sem1, now got one month holiday, currently staying at home, everyday onlining. Haha… Hope to see more intresting, facinating, creativiting, on your upcoming posting o. hehe…

    • kesenaitsumi89 says:

      LOL… you didn’t got cake meh?? ^^”
      Good lah now holiday. Me here finished all those Big Exam and now still have class 5 times a week. Don’t know what to do at class too.

      Interesting, fascinating, creativiting post = No.
      Normal, SWT, Event post = Yes.

  2. 你弟 says:


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