Autumn’s Asukayama Park (秋の飛鳥山公園)

Autumn Mode~~

Few days ago(which is 1 day before the JLPT 1 Test day), I suddenly feel the urge to cycling to park and walk around there. So I had decided to go to the park last time I go with my friend when we first arrived in Japan.

Still can see some Kouyou here ^^.

Last time when I go to this Asukayama park, it was spring there. We can still see lots of trees and flower but this time, it’s totally in Autumn Mode and you can see most of the tree already out of leafs.

I think some of you might still remember this clock tower ^^.

It looked like this before ^^ :

Saw the different of the season ? ^^”

Also talked with an Uncle which happened to walk there and he told me some history of this park, Though I don’t really understand what he talked about ^^”

Spotted a foreign girl drawing there too.

I can really feel ease and relax at park. That is the reason why I will go to Park around here from times to times just to relax. Besides, I can also work myself out since I have to cycling about 30 minutes to reach this Park. While cycling I can also listen to my Iphone’s Musics..

Saw lots of kids with their parents too. They often bring their kids out at weekends and played at the playground there.

Funny to see this cute girl.

Well. Guess I will leave the rest of the photos speak for itself:

Unique toilet sign.

Uphill view.

Opps there are still some flower there huh?

This view is superb….

You can easily spot these water suppler in every park in Japan.

Played with it a while.

The water fountain.

Feel luck since can see the Shinkansen (Bullet train) to passed by.

The Castle in the park~

Loved this tree… Wish someone can help me taking my personal photos with me sitting under the tree holding up a book and doing my reading….

Oh yeah, I haven’t posted about my bicycle before… Actually I bought a bicycle cost 20 K Yen. Really liked this bicycle:

View 1

View 2


Might want to go other park next time. ^^

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4 Responses to Autumn’s Asukayama Park (秋の飛鳥山公園)

  1. lkeith89 says:

    lol… looking at this park reminds me at otsuka ai’s amaembo’s MTV… haha..

  2. kesenaitsumi89 says:

    LOL… It’s totally different park I think. ^^

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