Why you should not working OT

Hi, it is Yoharmonica the harmonica guy currently just a regular worker at a Japanese company. Those who had know me for sometimes must had known that how active I am to produce new harmonica videos and posting anime related posts till one years ago.


Picture taken during Kanda Matsuri at Akihabara street.


I started to work at my current company since last year’s July. I tried to work smart and go home earlier at first, but then slowly got affected by the so called ‘Japanese work style’. Everyone is staying at the office till late night(wether they really working or not..). So I followed.

But it all ended with a very unsatisfying social life and was a big cliff down on my self improving life. I use to be very ambitious on learning new stuff.

So, below is some point I think why you should not working OT:

  1. Your days ENDED the time you get out of your office.
    Human sleep for 8 hours and work 8 hours. Now you have only 8 hours left. Deduce the time  you use to travel to work, time to do your poop poop and shower, time used to eat lunch and dinner(and supper maybe?), you normally got 3-5 hours left. If you working OT for another 1-3 hours, you got…. 1-2 hours left for your personal use… that time is gone if you are like me who MUST watch few episode of anime everyday….
  2. You get STRESS…. LOTS of STRESSSS!
    I’m not sure how the japanese thinking, but for me( and I think for most of us who didn’t think like japanese), we feel inferior because we could not finish our work on given time(that is, 8 hours a day). With the accumulated inferior feeling, we start to worry and feeling stress…
  3. You have no time for self improving.
    Which is what I noticed in the past half year. You yearns for new knowledge! YET, by the time  you got home, it is usually already passed 9pm.. considering you have to eat your dinner and take a bath before sleep.. you got 1 – 2 hours left for your personal use before you need to head to sleep. And don’t forget, those 1 – 2 hours usually ended by Facebook timeline swiping.
  4. You get sick more often.
    You got home late meant you have your dinner late. Normal salaryman usually have their lunch at noon. so if you stayed at office till 8 pm, that meant you will have to stay up with the energy from your lunch for 8 hours!(Which is kinda harsh for me who get hungry every 4 hours….) Not to mention that sometimes you feel like doing something you like(like watching anime, playing games and glancing at cosplayer photos online…) and ended up sacrificing your sleeping time bits by bits…..
  5. You have no chance to hang out with friends.
    Great friends are hard to get. By working OT in office meant that you will missed out most dinner offer from your friends. “Sorry, OT today so cannot join you for dinner. Next time” is often heard from people who working in Japan. Decline for a few times, and your friends start stop asking you to dinner.. Why? Because they know you mostly working OT and doesn’t bother to ask you out anymore….

There are lots of other disadvantage of working OT which I wish to post up here. But I tried to limit myself on how much time I should spent writing a post.(Since I’m not writing this post to earn money through advertising, but rather to get myself to keep on writing.)

Till next time, maybe I should start talking about some good behaviour that you should adept to improve your living experience.Li

J-Pop Culture Festival 2014 at Yamashita Park

I had joined my friend Karis-chan to the J-Pop Culture Festival 2014 at Yamashita Park, Yokohama yesterday. The event is to celebrate the Anniversary of Yokohama Open Port and it purpose is to promote Japan’s Pop Cultures(Anime, Cosplay, Dance, Singing, Idols).

Yokohama Yamashita Park - 17

Photo with Alodia!

Our main purpose that day is to see Alodia on stage. Since her stage is at 1700, we have the whole morning to walk around and taking photos with other cosplayers. I loved to see cosplayers especially those who cosplay on Vocaloid series.(Everyone know I love Hatsune Miku and had played lots of her songs with Harmonica.) I was lucky enough to be able to see some Miku Cosplay right away when we reached the Park.

Yokohama Yamashita Park - 05

Cute! Not to mention she is the famous Miku Dancer who make dance covers in Youtube! Thanks Shino Ryuuga(紫乃 龍雅)-san for the photo.

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Cup Noodles Museum, Yokohama

I visited to the Cup Noodles Museum at Yokohama yesterday. Cup Noodles was invented at 1971 by Japan, 13 years after the invention of the first instant noodles in Japan by Momofuku Andou.

Cup Noodles Museum 1

Me Talking a photo with the Big sized Cup Noodles

The Cup Noodles Museum is located at [2-3-4 Shinko, Naka-ku, Yokohama 231-0001 Japan] and it is just about 8 minutes walk from Minatomirai Station/ Bashamichi Station.
Google Map: here.

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How to view opened tabs from your Mac on iPhone/iPad

After I had upgrade to iOS 7. I cannot found this feature on my iPhone anymore. I wondered where it gone and so I do some research online. Found out that they had moved the function from your Bookmark page to the Tabs changing place. It was almost hidden. ^.^

opened tabs

When Apple first introduced this function, I think it was genius! Even still now, Google Chrome and Firefox can only sync your Bookmarks through device but (Update: My friend just informed me that Chrome can also do that now.) Safari can Sync even your Tabs opened in your other devices.

The way to access this function in iOS 7 is, by pulling up at the tabs changing screen:

Opened tabs Tutorial4

Opened tabs Tutorial

While on your Mac, you can see the opened tabs from your iPhone/iPad too. The way to access it is by pressing the iCloud icon located left hand side of your URL address bar:

Opened tabs Tutorial3

I hope this post can help you in having an even more easier Life~


Iphone sync error with (-50) error and the way to fix it

Just a record for myself and as a reference for other people with this problem. I encountered Error (-50) when syncing my iPhone 5 with iTunes.

iTunes error -50

(Macbook Air 13 inch, photos from iPhoto and syncing iPhone 5)

The problem only occurred when I tried to try to sync photos to my iPhone 5 through iTunes with photos from iPhoto. I had tried lots of other way of fixing through the internet and it all doesn’t work for me.

And the way that I found at last is from this site.

It suggested that you open up your folder for iPhoto Library-> right click it and select “Show package contents”.
Inside it, you will find a file/folder named “iPod Photo Cache”.
Delete that folder and let iTunes re-sync again for your device.

This way worked for me and I thought I should record it down for future reference. If it doesn’t work for you, sorry and don’t stop trying other methods as suggested from the internet.

2014 New Year Resolution!!

Yeah! It’s this time of year to decide on new year resolution!!!(as if you kept one last year…) Well, sorry that this site has been out of maintenance for the previous 2 years… I will be sure to keep this site up to date from now on.

New year resolution 2014

Trying to be Cool but turned out to be quite dull… haha

Okay, to keep it simple and clean, let’s move on the List!

  1. Switch to a decent Condensed Microphone for better recording of my Harmonica Videos.
  2. Regular Update on Harmonica Video on Youtube.(1 or 2 videos per month)
  3. Read at least a book every month.
  4. Update Site’s theme every 3 months.(To practice my PHP skills)
  5. Get Apple’s Time Capsule.
  6. Create a self DTM-ed songs every 2 months.
  7. Going back Malaysia once.
  8. Practice 1 piece of Harmonica Solo songs every 3 months.

And the lists might grow on when I can think on more.

Wish you all have a great 2014 year!!

Fixed Images Link for WordPress

Hi, This is an apologise post for all of you my blog reader. As you see I finally decided to continue on working on this blog. As when the time I mentioned that, this site was totally a mess. Especially broken images Links….

Broken Link

I tried to search around the internet for a way to fix it. After some googling, I finally found a solution  Continue reading






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Dolfie Dream Hatsune Miku


Hatsune Miku!!

The Dream collaboration between Dolfie Dream and Hatsune Miku! I first saw this Dolfie Dream Miku at Akihabara’s Hobby Store. I was really Stunned with the details when I saw they displaying it at the store.


Senbonzakura(千本桜) Outfit is available too!

They are only pre-ordering it now and will only be available around fall 2014. The tricky part of it is that, you HAVE to pre-order it now or you won’t have chance to buy it when It’s available!!! >.<

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