Atsugi Harmonica Concert (厚木ハーモニカコンサート

Went to one harmonica concert last week with my friend 戸田さん(Toda-san). Been know about this concert but not really feel like going but after invitation from Toda-san, Finally decided to go and take a look at the Japan’s Harmonica standard.

The ticket, costed 2,500 Yen…. expensive, you can watch about 5 concert in Malaysia…..

We reached there about 2 hours before the stadium open and we practiced Paris Diary there. Got an old men and a woman comes by and talked to us. ^^ fell happy about it.

本厚木文化会館(The Cultural Stadium of Hon-Atsugi). Entrance.

Everyone is lining up waiting the stadium to be opened… Japanese really like to line up…

This is the poster. Penang harmonica player can use this as sample for next concert’s flier ^^

The audience seats…. Wow… I wonder if Penang’s concert can get so much audience or not…

The stage. When is my turn to be able to stand on this stage?

At the interval, I go out from the stadium and spotted that they got sell lots of harmonica goods there. I saw harmonica, scores and teaching materials…. Too bad I’m low on financial this month…

Suzuki’s Fabulous and Sirius…. They are so bold to sell this Super Expensive harmonica like this…. very urged to stole it and run….

The performance is really great. Be able to found out the standard of Japanese Harmonica Player. Got to hear few famous songs like “Fiddler of the roof”, “Tie a yellow ribbon”, “Tico Tico”, “Prelude and Dance”(played by last year’s APHF champion in Solo and Tremolo, a.k.a student of Yasuo Watani.) and etc…

It also included some phamplet of FIH competition. Might consider joining Japan’s Harmonica competition this year….

Still considering about what songs to play for the competition.

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