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About YO!Harmonica

Hi. I’m YO!Harmonica. I’m born at Penang, Malaysia at 18 October 1989. Currently 25 years old.

Now I’m studying at ABK Japanese Language School In Tokyo, Japan. I will be entering Japan’s University for IT and Computing Course next year.

Currently a student at Tokai University(東海大学) for IT and Computing Course. Living beside my University at Kanagawa, Japan.

I had graduated from my University and is currently looking for job in Japan.

About me


My personal interest included Playing Harmonica, Making Harmonica Videos, Watching Anime, Reading Books, Playing Games, Listening Musics, Surfing Internet, Learning new stuff, and Blogging. Recently started up playing Freeline Skate too. (Gave up)

Why “Harmonica” ?

As the name suggested, Harmonica! I Had been really active in Harmonica Communities around 2006-2008 in Penang, Malaysia. Had been in high position in organizing few competition back in Malaysia. Competition Organized included:

  1. Penang Harmonica Trio and Quartet Competition.
  2. Penang Solo Masterclass Competition.
  3. Malaysia’s Harmonica Competition.

and much more…

Why “YO!” ??

I also had been active in playing YoYo during 2004-2005 and even got 3rd place in state competition in Penang. Currently not playing Yoyo anymore and have no intention to playing it unless some big events are coming up. Is playing from times to times~

I heard you practiced “Taekwon-Do” ?

YO!Harmonica also been training hard in Taekwon-Do during secondary school. Medal Received included:

  1. Gold Medals at School Sparing Competition.
  2. 2nd Place at Black Belt Sparing Competition at State level.
  3. etc…

I heard you are a Computer NERD?!!

Yeah, Kinda. I have great experience in Repairing Computer Hardware and solving softwares problem. I had Learned to format a Computer during the ages of 12 and had helped friends to format their computer for the past few years. I didn’t doing this service since I moved to Japan and having a hard life earning my own studying fees. Have no extra time for free works….

So what is this Blog ??

This is my personal blog mainly about my life in Japan. Also having coverage for my Harmonica Videos, and some photos of trips and travels. I will write something nonsense too sometimes… Anyway, this blog is still new and will be more developed with the flow of time. had more than 56K views and is still growing(I think…).

17 Responses to About Me

  1. keith lim says:

    hey, do you go swimming at japan? or swimming at hot spring? haha

  2. kesenaitsumi89 says:

    No lah, No money.

  3. hafizan89 says:

    you from Malaysia? so lucky you are in japan…

    • kesenaitsumi89 says:

      Hi. Yes, I’m from Malaysia. It’s not lucky at all, If you wish to come here too, you should start finding out some ways. ^^ Goodluck

  4. Aeron says:

    Man! Im planning on going to Japan! What made you want to go?
    Did you just – Bam! im moving to japan! or what?

    Whats your story?

  5. Janti says:

    hi im from indonesia and im high school student, how you can go to japan?

  6. keith says:

    actually… i am now also a taekwando student for my cocuriculum at my university…. now starting it in white belt…. got a belt grading next month… need trainning everyday for the kicking (maybe) haha…

  7. Iman says:

    Hi, Kesenaitsumi-san (sorry, I just guess you are male).
    I am glad to read your experience trying Suzuki chromatic harmonicas at Taniguchi, although I’ve been already playing with a Sirius (14 hole) I ordered from the same store, for a few days now.
    I am curious, how do you compare between Sirius and the Gregoire Maret signature (G-48)?
    Do you also play chromatic, and what kind of music do you like?
    Thanks for your attention. Nice to meet you.

    Iman, Jakarta, Indonesia.

    • kesenaitsumi89 says:

      Hi, Yes, I’m Male. Not covering it up especially…
      What do you meant how do I compare between Sirius and the Gregoire Maret?
      I already wrote about the result of me trying both the harmonica in the store, which is, I prefer Sirius since the control is better and have great responsiveness.
      Yes, I play Chromatic. Been playing Classical since 8 years ago but not really skilled. ^^”

  8. AFresher says:

    Oh holy, didn’t check your website for a few month and this much updates been done. Anyways, late Congratulation on your Tokai University Acceptance! Malaysia time now is 1.40a.m, and i’ve been re-reading what i missed from 11p.m. YOUR BLOG IS NOW COMPARABLE INTERESTING AS DANNY’S! Seriously .. Keep up the good work! 😛 Later (10a.m) still need to go to Mikasano for Level 2 Japanese Test Exam . At least today friday, 1p.m finish school. Die, langsung no study. As usual, later exam get sleepy at 聴解. Anyhow, need to sleep ler, night!

  9. hongyu12 says:

    你好(・_・)ノいよぅ,我是Hong yu,来自中国温州,现在也是大二,同时也是一个ACGx半音阶口琴爱好者(初学中…),我在nico上看到了你用sirius56演奏的视频,真是太厉害了!!在我周围也有很多半音阶口琴xACG的爱好者,其中也不乏一些高手,我们一起在网络上讨论,分享彼此的作品。我想让大家看到你的视频,因为你的作品真的质量很高而且数量也多,可是令人头疼的是中国现在的网络访问不了nico和youtube,所以我下载了你所有的视频,想上传到中国国内的视频网站上去,让大家一起分享交流。希望这样做能获得你的同意,请问可以吗?真心希望你能加入我们,和我们一起交流chromatic harmonica还有ACG。期待你的回复。(Twitter上有140字限制,所以还是发这来了ORZ…)

  10. Yu says:

    I really like your harmonica skills. Can you play triple baka by your harmonica? sr for my bad english

  11. Jack Deerlin says:

    Hey, to the maker/owner of Yo!Harmonica, your videos have somehow inspired me to learn and play a chromatic harmonica. Before I go and spend a large sum of money for one, what is a good Chromatic Harmonica 12-14 holes?
    I heard you like Sirius an Suzuki. What harmonica do you typically use for Youtube videos? Btw, keep up the work.

    • YOHarmonica says:

      Hi. Thanks for the comment.
      As for good Chromatic Harmonica, I personally preferred Suzuki’s model since they are easy to catch up and their tuning is more stable.

      for 12 holes you can go for Suzuki’s chromatic 48. It is rather cheap. If getting Suzuki’s harmonica is hard for your region, you can go for Hohner one. Hohner 270 model for 12 holes and Super 64 if you searching for a 16 holes one.

      I usually use Suzuki’s Sirius 56 for my videos in Youtube.

  12. nguyenvubui says:

    Hi YoHarmonica.
    I really love your harmonica video and i’m practicing with it.
    I want to play with your tabs, however, i don’t know how to read them accurately. It’s quite hard for me. Can you show me how to read it, when it’s draw or when it’s blow ?

  13. Yamagata says:



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