A Trip to Nikko~

At 20th September, I had a trip of 2 days and 1 night to Nikko sponsored by JTB. As you all already aware of the earthquake happened at Japan this March, many foreigner are afraid of the radioactive and is not visiting Japan as much as before.

Ops, you can see my name!! haha. As if I scared huh? ^^

Behind the name plate~

But from my point of view, Japan is really safe for now for traveling. And it’s a shame if you didn’t visit Japan since it’s be most advanced and most clean country in the world, not to mention the safety here too.

well then~ back to the trip~ Start from riding the bus~ we gathered at Tokyo Station that day. Then we board the bus and they start giving out flyers and badges~

Kinda nice badge~

The first stop is to Tobu World Square~

The entrance to Tobu World Square~

At this place, you got to see all the famous spot in the world!! in the scale of 1:25. What is so fun about this is that they even make the model human inside the spot so you got to see the miniature people inside it too. ^^ Well then, let’s the photos roll:

Guess I didn’t have to mention what this is? ^.^

Some miniature human from all over the world. Notice some gang where you well-know about? lol

You can also see the mini version of the uncompleted Tokyo Sky Tree here~

The entrance gate where they will check for your ticket~

The Welcome Music Monument where will start playing out music every 20 mins.

And then here you are: The Famous Tokyo Sky Tree which is the Tallest Structure in japan. Hard to get all of it into the picture. >.<

Noticed how the people and the cars inside it? ^^

Found some Train and this is the electronic Shinkansen which really move around. ^^

Next is Tokyo Dome~ The big stadium that held Baseball game all the time. The first grand building I been to when I first came to Japan.

Then here you are, The Tokyo Tower~ OLD and Very well curved.

After the Japan section, it’s time to head for some western famous spot. Let’s get started!

Welcome to New York~ Hmm is New York really like this? Never been to one personally so I don’t know~

Guess what is this? yeah.. the Twin Tower which got destroyed at 11th September…

The White House!!!

The Sphinx! ugg.. the Nose is broke…

The Great Temple of Abusimbel. Wish to visit Egypt some years in the future~

Yeah, Speaking about Egypt, we shouldn’t forget about the Pyramid!

And the Colosseum at Italy. Also one of the place I wish to visit too…

Speaking of Italy, I might got a chance to go to Italy for free this year. Nothing is confirmed yet so I can’t speak much about it now~

The St. Peter’s Basilica at Vatican seemed like a great place to have some road performance~ (where is Vatican by the way??)

And here is where the Famous Gallileo Gallilei’s experience occuring. The Leaning Tower of Pisa.

The Duomo in Milan, Italy. This structure looked so complicated and it’s so Grand. Definitely want to visit this place too if going to Italy.

The Sacret Family Church. Like this special Tower design too! it’s at Spain.

And this! The Arc de Triomphe at France.  ahh… Paris….

Next, Let’s head for other Asian Country’s Famous spot.

Angkor Wat which appeared at our Sejarah (History in Malay Language) textbook~ One of my Korean friend visited it and told me it doesn’t looked so well preserved now…

Taj Mahal. ^^

Hehe. Famous Scene where you always see in TV~ the Forbidden City~

And the Great Wall of the China!

Noticed anything there? ^^

Back to Japan. This Torii in the lake(? Sea?) at Itsukushima Jinjya(厳島神社) is really Impressive, wish to go there on my coming years in japan.

And this Kiyomizu-dera Temple at Kyoto where you can always see it’s appearance at Anime~

In the Tobu World Square, they have about 120 famous spot from the world. If it isn’t the time limit we have on this tour, I would Like to spent 4-5 hours wandering around the world famous spot there. ^^

well then, it’s time to move on the next location~ Next it’s Edo Wonderland which is famous for the Ninja/Samurai inside it. ^^ Let’s get the Camera Roll!!

Reached! The Entrance!

Souvenier place looked so traditional too.

O.O the people back then already can solve question so hard?? Sasuga Ninja!!!

got into this fushigi-yashiki which meant “Strange house”. Inside there it’s filled with illusion stuff, ghost, mirrors and unbalanced room. ^^ It’s really fun and you should go into it as well when you visit Edo Wonderland~

And now, if you want to cosplay as Ninja/ Samurai/ the town’s peoples etc… you can rent the cosplay here at 3000 Yen to 7000 yen depend on the costume~

I think the rental fees is really expensive. With this money, you can buy your own costume like the one in Hakuouki through Rakuten or some cosplay shop. ^^ Would be nice to wearing those cosplay and walking inside there.

Some mini keychain for souvenier? You can get your name craved on it for free~

How about feeding this little Pony with carrot and have a ride on it? ^^

Inside there, you will see actors(?) acting all inside the town~ It’s just like you had time warped into the past. This picture is the scene where they caught the thief~

Pretty lady from the Future and the Past(?) ^^

WANTED!! in the Edo Period style. lol

A Shuriken Throwing game!!! You got to throw REAL Shuriken. ^^ Really want to try it out but can’t do so cause we have limited time on this trip too.

How about a drink with those Youkai? ^^

Real Ninja SHOW on stage!! really excited when watching them perform. They even have Kage-Bunshin(影分身as you saw at Naruto) in their fighting scenes~

Took lots of photos there but will stop here since there are still lots to show you guys yet. ^^ after 2 hours inside the Edo Wonderland(2 hours is totally not enough. ^^ You could spend all days inside playing Ninja games and if you have extra money to spent, you can try out their Ninja Training Course where you got to dress up as Ninja and swinging Katana around. ^^

Now it’s time to get to our place of sleep since it’s already past afternoon~ Where we will be staying at is at Kinugawa-Onsen Hotel(鬼怒川温泉ホテル). We got to go into Onsen too. ^^

Reception hall. It’s really pretty there~

The Souvenier place. ^^

You see, there is a souvenier corner in almost every traveling spot~ that is Japanese culcute that you have to buy some Omiyage(meant souvenier) back for your neighbour, your boss, your friends and your college. ^^ so you really need to buy alots when going on traveling. Or you should just kept quiet about your trip. lol.

Before our Dinner, we were bought to the park to see some illumination of the local festival~ It’s still a bit early so they just putting out about 1/3 of the total lights~ And it’s raining strong too so it’s not really pretty. But if the weather is great, I’m sure it will be really pretty!


Well then, after the park it’s finally our Dinner time! Had been waiting for this moment!!! Hoo HOO!!! It’s a Buffet style dinner at Hotel so it’s to expect some Crabs, Sushi, Steak, Fish. ^^ Let’s get some foods!

First Round~ Salad, Sashimi, Crabs, Spaghetti, Hamburger~~~

From another angle~

Sushi~~ ^^

Not to mention, some pretty girl too. ^^

2nd Round! Nabe (which meant Pots). well, as for me, I put in lots of mushroom and meats. ^^

Nice atmosphere~

ate lots of Dessert too. ^^

After the dinner, it’s time to get some rest~ Let’s see our room~

It’s a 4 person room. In Japan, you usually got this kind of room where 3-5 person is in a same room.They called it Ryokan(旅館) and normally places with Onsen is all Ryokan. (As what you saw on Hanasaku Iroha. ^^)

Got a nice big Television too~

And we got to wear Yukata. It’s really comfortable and feel so free. you usually wear one after entering the Hot-Spring(Onsen).


Me too!!!

Another good things about Ryoka-Style hotel is that you got to communicate and interact with your friends in the same room. It’s always good to meet new people and be friends with each other since you won’t know when you gonna need that person in the future.

And you got to play Prank on your friend too. ^^ LOL

After a good long sleep~ it’s the 2nd day of my trip~ we are going to visit a waterfall, riding ship and taking tons of photos at the famous Nikko Tousyougu (日光東照宮). But before that~ we gonna fill our empty stomach first. ^^ and so here’s the photos of our breakfast~

Ais Cream!! My Favourite!!

Fresh baked Breads too.

My choice of my breakfast~ Rice, Miso Soup, some nimono(煮物), fried egg, fish, sausages~ etc.

Great view right?! ^^ It’s so great to be able to eat with all these great view!

2nd Round~ Corn Flakes with milk, Breaks, some veggies and a fish cutlet~

another view~

After the breakfast it’s time to have some ride on the ship~ It’s raining all day too the 2nd day. Too bad…

View from the inside. ^^ Kinda nice photo effect in the rain too.

Wild lake wave due to the typhoon that day~

And then it’s photo taking session at the boat~

Lots of seats inside the ship~

Didn’t take much photos on the ship too cause it’s just a 20 minutes tour~ after the ship we are going to see the Great Waterfall.

Souvenier corner again~ really want to buy that katana…

Never play with Katana or you will ended up like my friend… lol

we are going to take elevetar downside to looked up at the great waterfall~

Going down to this Observation point~

Waterfall~ can’t see clearly with all the rain~

Well… can’t see clearly inside the rain.. whatever~ And then it’s time to head for some Lunch!

I think it depend on people. I personally don’t like vegetables very much.

As you see, not enough meat for me… Argg…

After Lunch, we are heading to our final destination, The Nikko Tousyouguu~ It’s still raining heavily outside so I didn’t manage to take much nice photos… So please bear with what I have . >.<

Proof of heavy rain….

Kinda like the image noise made by the rain too~

That’s all for the photos~


The trip is really nice since you can go to lots of places in just 2 days. Japan is a good place to visit to since they have their culcure well preserved and at the same time, they have the most advance technology in the world~ Electronic products are cheaps too. ^^

Personally I was really recommend this Edo Wonderland place. Anime lovers is gonna love that place and you can really feel the surrounding of Edo periods. Wish you all have a good trip to Japan in the near coming future~



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  1. I was in Nikkou in August. Quite a nice small place. I couldn’t care less about radiation. I received much more radiation on the plane than during the visit to Nikkou. Even some food includes some radiation.

  2. lkeith89 says:

    A very nice trip over there! haha… Very good post i can say, with may picture! haha… well explained with the photo’s telling stories.. haha… Currently I am reading it with my ability to read Katagana and hiragana, plus reading kanji In chinese way.. haha… From wat i see from picture u taken, (maybe u discovered it urself) In low light condition, you’rs iphone camera does not work well… haha… this is the main difference between DSLR and your’s….. (time to get one?) lol…. (I’d already guess wat u will answer me.. haha…) Hopefully I could have similar intresting post to update my blog also… haha… All the best in Japan ya =)

  3. Vatican is in Rome, Italy btw.

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