A Postcard to High School Principle Chung Ling Butterworth

At today’s Beginner Seminar class, every one of us had been asked to write a postcard to send back to teacher/principle of our own High School. The teacher asked us to choose teacher which had taken good care of you. I personally can’t think of one(sorry…) and so chosen my principle.

Hope I didn’t get the address wrong(or rather I did hope it wrong and never reached him ^^ LOL)

Thinking back of my high school life, it was really fun everyday although there aren’t any Sailor Uniform with short skirts to looked at everyday. Maybe because of I’m older than my current University’s friends, I often think their way of thinking and action are kinda childish sometimes. They doesn’t even speak proper Japanese sometimes which annoyed me the most… I did rather talk with some working men/woman since they will speak more politely and using nice Japanese language.

The contents…. Sorry if there is any mistakes in my English.

These photos are from the new iPhone 4. Guess this is the first time I’m using photos from the iPhone 4 seeing it had already been 2 weeks since I got it in my hand. Just noticed that the iPhone 4 can really take photos in 2592 x 1936 resolution. And the quality is also superb and really detailed.

Example photos from iPhone 4’s 5.0 MegaPixel Camera. Click on it to look at the actual sizes of the photos.

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8 Responses to A Postcard to High School Principle Chung Ling Butterworth

  1. Bokuranoyume says:

    Same here..
    i also cant think of which teacher helped and supported me in many way.
    I have my achievement all on my own.. although not some big and glorious achievement.
    But, surely, i felt i wasted my time to go school while the teachers only do their things —- talking what they need to talk. =.=

    Meanwhile, i also keep thinking those friend around me which always act childish, go school just for fun, not trying to accomplish something independent and the most annoying thing — they talk nothing but keep mentioning they are right !!!

    everyone need experience to level up… but these people leveled up using cheat and codes, not gaining experience by themselves, then keep showing they are high level people…. (Plus he and she already 15 – 22 years old) Argh!!

    Well… i still learning my way to tolerate this.. Hope i can get through it without scolding them strictly someday…

  2. CLF says:

    iPhone 4’s cam is many times better than most SE and Nokia phone’s hahah. can say on par with Ketai now.

    looking forward for more pics from ur iPhone. 🙂

    P/S: あのはがきは絵がついてないの?真っ白のヤツか?

    • うん。字を書けるために真っ白のやつをくれた。

      Haha. I don’t think Ketai’s Camera is good enough. they might have high megapixel but the photos taken is really crappy sometimes.

  3. Lkeith89 says:

    The picture consider ok compared with other phone’s camera. What to say? (beh hiam la) haha… weaknesess of phone camera, cant catch high movement speed object, no optical zoom, high noise in low light condition.

    Me… are also having hard life here…. sometimes i feel want to cry when think about it… but lucky it happened only once….

  4. CL01 says:

    Can’t think of any good teacher who help you? This school is full of lazy teachers who are not interest to teach in the school but only interested in their tuition class?
    That’s very common these days. While collecting tax payers’ money and not doing the work. Would anyone like to name a few here?

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