A day in Akihabara

First of all, Let use a photo of Melonpan from “Shakugan no Shana” to start off this post.


Shanaノ”Urusai Urusai Urusai!”

Breakfast is Melon-Pan from 7-eleven. Cost me 105 yens(around RM3.8). Then walk around the park near my school and read some Japanese novel. Around 12.00 We started our Journey to Akihabara.

Mission: To capture the Otakus’ culture

Agents: Amy-0072, Danielle-0075 and Me.

Mission limit: 13:00-22:00

Arms: 10,000 Yen each agents, Handphone camera, ETC


After a 23 minutes of ride from Sugamo station. We reached our mission location.


First Stage is at Tokyo Anime Center.

We encountered few Legendary Figures and have a tough fight with them using our only weapon: Handphone camera…


Maid. HP 250, MP 45, Moe-ness 67/100


Rei from Neon Genesis Evangelion. HP 360, MP 78, Moe-ness 30/100

The first 2 enemy is already a hard task to handle… It take me 3 hours of fighting using Large Potion and Elixir to heal myself. But soon after We killed it, The legendary bosses appeared.


What the !!!  That is the Legendary Saber which often Appeared at Dannychoo’s site!!!

HP 20,000, MP 8,000, Moe-ness 97/100


Next up is the Legendary Doraemon.(Mun Pheng sure like this pic…) HP: Unknown, MP: Unknown, Moe-ness ????/100

LOL… Have fun taking these photos. ^^ More pictures below with description.


Saw this poster and it said that having road show at 18/4(the same day I go there.) But didn’t see anythings.


They also have some figure of Tengen Toppa Guren Lagan. Didn’t watch this series yet.

Well then, Ends of our trip at Tokyo Anime Center. Maybe will go for another walk next time but can’t guarantee when it is.

After that, We head for all those random shops(figures, mangas, anime DVDs). So just photos and description.


Entered a shop which have lots of Touhou’s Doujin Games and some gadget.


As you can see, Nanoha is quite famous too. ^^








LOL.. can’t stop laughing at this scene from Rosario + Vampire.


Saw lots of haruhi at the UFO catching machines.


And so with Mikuru-chan. You can see Saber’s ぬいぐるみ(nuigurumi = Dolls) located at the bottom.


You can also buy the Sailor Uniform from Lucky start for the price above…(probably RM 605)


The original Sailor Uniform from Sailormoon.


We also met someone who looks like Aki-sensei which teached us Japanese at Malaysia.

After hanging out whole days, Called Jun Wei, Wei Shin and Kok En to have dinner with us.


Dinner: Tako-Tempura Udon noodle. Costed 540 Yen…Expensive.


Noticed this new machine which similiar to games like O2jam, Djmax, Dance Dance Revolution, Para Para Paradise. Played 1 round and have tons of fun with it. ^^ 100 yen for 4 songs.


More picture.


Just a note that the hand is not mine.

After playing that games, We all headed back since it’s already 10.30 p.m. We have walked whole days at Akihabara and learned lots of things today.

We even decided that we organizing this Akihabara Trip twice a month(But need to considering our living expenses…).


Tony> Akihabara is fun. ^^

Mun Pheng> You can’t take that Doraemon Back since it’s not for sale.

Parents> Wasted lots of money that day at foods. Will consider bringing our lunch next time.

Others> Thanks for visiting~~

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7 Responses to A day in Akihabara

  1. hehe…finally u go there le leh..i also want visit to there..got see any keroro bo? take pic to me..

  2. kesenaitsumi89 says:

    Haha.. I had saw lots of Keroro there. But not a fan of it so didn’t take any photos of it. ^^ Will take some for you next time.

  3. xiawyeong311 says:

    hehe,..ok..i wait…hahaha

  4. mpheng89 says:

    my doremon ….!!i wan …cry…i wan i wan…!!

  5. yinx92 says:

    wa~so many anime….
    i wan all haha^^

  6. kesenaitsumi89 says:

    Haha. Mun Pheng, your doraemon is too expensive, can’t buy for you.

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