A day in Akihabara 2

Yesterday I went to Akihabara again to meet up with a net Blogger that I had been reading on for a while now. His Name is Lester Ho.

I had meet up with him at around 12.30 p.m. and then we start to search for a place to eat. Had lunch at Yoshinoya. We both ordered Unagi Don Teishoku (Teishoku which mean Set Lunch in Japanese. Usually containing a Rice, a soup and some side dishes.) Didn’t think about blogging at the time since I’m being quite happy to see Him and then forgot to take photos of the foods.

Then Lester Ho showed me around Akihabara. Take a tour to Aso Bit City and window shopping for quite some times. For my older post of “A day in Akihabara”, you can found it here.

macross frontier1

Some Mecha from Macross Frontier. Think you should remember it ^^ (* Especially Tony?)

macross 2

Another shot. This model is which Luca rode on.

Since I didn’t think of blogging on this day’s trip, I almost haven’t take any pictures at all. LOL… No much things to show you all this time. But still, a Strike Freedom Gundam for you:

Strike freedom

A 1/66 scaled Strike Freedom. Seemed really good… ¥7980, which mean RM 240???!!! LOL. (Can’t buy it for you Pei Yee…)

gundam others

Also saw some other type of gundam figures for sale. This one is cheaper. RM 120?!!

After the visit to Aso Bit City. we also go for some walk at other places…then we saw some maids are gathering around this building…Maybe some event are going to launch??


….Planned to take more pictures but one of the maid come near us and took our iphones and break it told us please refrain from taking photos…Oh Great…

Then we also gone for Taito Station for some gaming session (Although I’m the only one which is playing…). Then we get thirsty and go for some beverage.


We sure had entered the quite expensive coffee shop….(O.O)”

Ordered an Iced Coffee Mocha and Lester Ho a Iced Milk.

Iced coffee mocha

Never expected to be so generous looking… Tasted really good too. But RM 10 for a coffee???  =.=”

Lastly, Being able to take some snap on Lester Ho’s face while he is checking on his New Iphone 3G S.



After some chit chat session. We gone to Yodobashi Camera. I’m asking the softbank counter about a solution for Spam Mails which recently keep bothering me. Been able to block them with a change of my email address. Then Lester Ho bought a New Iphone Cover to protect his New Iphone.

After then we part on the way home at the Japan Railway because I have to go for my part time job….

It was a fun day for me. This is the first time I asked someone which I never knew before for a meet up. It’s quite interesting and yet fun. ^^

* By the way, I bought myself a Fate T Harlaown during the visit to Aso Bit City. Will taking more photos of it after I have more free time.


My First Figure!! TONY!!!

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20 Responses to A day in Akihabara 2

  1. Bokuranoyume says:

    i want to watch FATE body … (imaging)
    congratulation for your first figure..
    I want go akihabara !!!

  2. Lkeith89 says:

    hai, long time no chat with u le. I am now currently at one XXX university of no where, even if i tell u the name of the university, u wont even heard before. haha. sad… i am now currently using my University’s lab computer to online since i didnt ‘bring my laptop along with me… i am so surprise to see u come out with so many post after last month i online at my home… maybe i will come out with some post after i bring my laptop here at Agus… without laptop i cant do anything……. i promis i will post some post as soon as i get my laptop here. haha. I like all the post u post. i like japan !!! i hate malay la…..i will sure go Japan to see u as soon as i graduate and i get the money. waiit me then ya…… see ya!

    • kesenaitsumi89 says:

      Thank Dude. ^^ It had been a long time since I heard from you. I see, how come you didn’t bring your laptop with you? you know human nowaday can’t live without computer and internet!

      Wish you luck and looking forward to your post. ^^

      • Lkeith89 says:

        I bring now i scare pepple will steal it, due to not much pepople bring laptop here since the first week is the orientation week, we totally no time to use laptop at all. but now is alrady the second week, many lessons start already and laptop is usefull. Seems that my home is quite far away from here and it take about 7-8 hours bus trip from here to my home. one more important thing, there is no direct plane flight from here to my house… worse.!! need plane transfer from KL..zzz. ONE MORE IMPORTANT thing, there is no WIFI at my hostel!!!, the malay pig said afraid us watch the xxx movie inside of our room… although got LAN plug on my hostel, but cannot use one… and the nearest WIFI place is at the cafe near my hostel, since i am staying on fifth floor, walking up and down, carrying a laptop + bag + water + some notes+ stationary along with me… so heavy… no lift…. maybe i suggest them to built a clinic at fifth floor, because many people will faint when they reach fifth floor.. haha.

        • kesenaitsumi89 says:

          LOL…By the way, where do you study? in KL? If you don’t like Bus, you can always drive Train. It is cheaper but take longer. ^^

          LOL…How about applying Wimax? go ask for details.

          • Lkeith89 says:

            Honestly i tell u la, actually i am in Terengganu, no train here to reach my home. sorry… here not japan. P1 WIMAX?? i sure will get broke soon… i already spend many moneys here, repairing my phone few thousand time, still cannot get it done.. (until i angry then i buy a new one RM400) then my laptop 3000 then one month spenses here RM400 (approximate) bus ticket to go home: RM150, joining Taekwando club : RM150 include registeration fee, uniform and fee. Now my wallet only left two dollar… need to withdraw some moeny soon… or else lunch also cannot eat!!! haha

          • kesenaitsumi89 says:

            LOL… Really Broke d. haha.

  3. hafizan89 says:

    akihabara… drool…

  4. yinx92 says:

    heyhey me also like strike freedom gundam wery much de…wakaka^^

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