A Cat Cost you 110 K Yen!

Think you already heard about it that it cost you an ARM and a Leg to keep a pet at Japan.  And here you are the secret behind the cost:

Cat Price!

This Cat cost you 11万円 which is 110 Kilo Yen.

Spotted this poster few days ago at some pet shop. LOL. And it’s not really something beautiful or Special. It just seem like a normal cat to me. Guess I will never bought it. Maybe get baby cat from friends if I really want to keep one.

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4 Responses to A Cat Cost you 110 K Yen!

  1. Keith Lim says:

    So u want a cat?? At my University, cat is more than you can imagine… Maybe all the malay’s people place is full with cat. As far as i can count, near my hostel there got at least 10 cats (dosent invclude in the campus one) Want me to catch some for u? its free ^^ haha

  2. kesenaitsumi89 says:

    LOL… Catch then send over here lah.

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