2014 New Year Resolution!!

Yeah! It’s this time of year to decide on new year resolution!!!(as if you kept one last year…) Well, sorry that this site has been out of maintenance for the previous 2 years… I will be sure to keep this site up to date from now on.

New year resolution 2014

Trying to be Cool but turned out to be quite dull… haha

Okay, to keep it simple and clean, let’s move on the List!

  1. Switch to a decent Condensed Microphone for better recording of my Harmonica Videos.
  2. Regular Update on Harmonica Video on Youtube.(1 or 2 videos per month)
  3. Read at least a book every month.
  4. Update Site’s theme every 3 months.(To practice my PHP skills)
  5. Get Apple’s Time Capsule.
  6. Create a self DTM-ed songs every 2 months.
  7. Going back Malaysia once.
  8. Practice 1 piece of Harmonica Solo songs every 3 months.

And the lists might grow on when I can think on more.

Wish you all have a great 2014 year!!

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